November 16, 2011

House of the Week - a retrospective (part deux)

This is the second retrospective of the House of Week category. It is sadly a little late in coming, the first covering numbers 1-49, this retrospective attempts to cover the balance to 100. There are some obvious exceptions which I intend to fill shortly. Enjoy

050 The Cube (Lac Superieur), Quebec, Canada
051 Casa Santa Margarita, Spain
052 Uccle 2003, Belgium
053 House K, Croatia
054 House Saramago, South Africa
055 Talo Kekkapaa, Northern Finland
056 Studio-House in Acorán, Spain
057 House in Lubienica, Poland
058 East Windsor Residence, Texas
059 Villa Pinia, Sweden
060 Les Aventuriers, Japan
061 Slice House, London, England
062 Great Bamboo Wall, China
063 Shodan House, Northern India
064 House on Takapuna Clifftop, New Zealand
065 Bar House, Colorado
066 San Remo Drive, Southern California
067 Szirtes House
068 Krater, Greece
069 Concrete Studio, Texas
070 Bamboo House, Costa Rica
071 Norman Fisher House, Pennsylvania
072 Lifeguard Tower, California
073 Queens Park House, Australia
074 Origami House, Singapore
075 Vacation home in Pyranèes, Spain
076 House on Cluny Hill
077 Lago Vista, California
078 Ranu House, Australia
079 Artreehouse, Connecticut
080 Sugarbowl, California
081 Woodstock Farm, Vermont
082 House in the Woods, Italy
083 Lee House, California
084 Leavitt Residence, Chicago
085 Yard House, Sweden
086 Sagaponac House, New York
087 Ijburg House, the Netherlands
088 Mill house, Sweden
089 Hill residence, Texas
090 Oxlade House, Australia
091 House at Berrima, Singapore
092 Barnes House, Canada
093 Casa Cubo,
094 Lembah Kemang townhouses, Indonesia
095 House for a Photographer, Spain
096 Rodríguez Harvey House, Chile
098 Deep Eddy Residence, Texas
099 Casa Tropical, Brazil
100 Bequia House, the Grenadines

We are still seeking suggestions for the next 50 especially from cities & countries not listed.

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