July 31, 2005

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building studio is blurring the lines between architecture, art, craft & thinking; rather than seperate disciplines each is treated as essential to the larger realm of building.

with a name like theirs I'm not surprised they are big into techtonics

July 28, 2005


1100 Architects is a New York-based practice (David Piscuskas and Juergen Riehm) pioneering a fundamentally transparent architecture with work known popularly for its apparent absence of style, with a non-distinctive aesthetic that advocates luxury with sensuous restraint.

I'm not being cheeky this last image is a water therapy unit for canines.

Blue Coral

As mentioned previously

The Blue Coral, St. Lucia

The escalators rising through the space are set at differing angles adding to the drama of the space, encouraging shoppers to explore each floor on arrival. The 'vortex' will be visible through the facade, illuminated at night, creating a glowing beacon.

again from melon|design:architecture

The Arts Bar, St. Lucia

The Arts Bar is part of the Art & Entertainment level at the Blue Coral. The space flows seamlessly from the adjacent art gallery creating a series of interaction zones.

The light tables create a standing conversation area, where friends can meet over a glass of wine after the gallery or pre theatre. formed. Sculptural furniture objects animate and populate the space beyond, whilst an array of circular banquettes create a more formal backdrop along the rear wall of the space.

link via melon|design:architecture

July 27, 2005

Dale-Jones Evans

Dale-Jones Evans is a transdisciplinary practice that has developed a diverse body of architecture and interior projects including exquisite interiors, efficient office fit outs, inspirational single and multiple residential projects, adaptive re-use and historical refurbishments and boutique or commercial, small or large scale, mixed-use urban developments.
Always a sucker for theatrics & performance art. Here's a snippet from the presentation of the Architect of the Year Awards, link via BD


Distinctive lines mixed with versatile function. Teak with a Brazilian Cherry base (shown) allows you to sit in comfort, outdoors or in. Made of solid wood with remarkable grain.

I hope the designer (modernobject) doesn't mind, but I want of these bad, but that price is prohibitive (diy to the rescue)

Also check out the mutt : dog dwelling

Arquitectum competition "The Global House 2005"

Arquitectum has selected "The Global House 2005" as the theme for its First International Contest. They hope to collect the best ideas about what contemporary houses ought to be like, incorporating aesthetic, plastic, functional, technological and social patterns.

The deadline for questions is August 15, 2005, and the registration deadline is September 30, 2005. October 15, 2005 is the submission deadline.

For more information, please visit arquitectum

link via archiseek

July 26, 2005

Small Practice, NZ

Mass Studies

More from WallPaper....MassStudies

A proposed 27 storey ECO-tower in Soeul's Kangnam district featuring fancy live/work spaces, sky bridges and five-storey high internal forests. Completion set for 2008

Melon-coloured boxes

Atelier Pagnamenta Torriani's ingenious attempt to bring a bit of light to the NYPD is still awaiting its construction schedule. The structure will rehouse other smaller bureaus that are now obsolete buildings. All police buildings have to be secure, but this one also sets out to reassure the public. The boxy building's glass façade will let in plenty of natural light and will transform into a light-filled beacon once darkness has fallen.

from Wallpaper

July 25, 2005

Seminar on Mixed Development

The Architects’ Journal is delighted to be bringing you this one-day seminar for architects developers and local authorities to come together and discuss how to move mixed-use schemes forward. This event will provide all the essentials to help you further your own work and maximise your commercial opportunities from mixed-use.

Speakers on a wide range of subjects include:
Tim Hamilton, Chairman, Hamilton Associates
Roger Madelin, Chief Executive, Argent Group plc
John Bullough, Retail Director, Grosvenor
Francine Houben, Co-Founder and Director, Mecanoo Architecten

July 24, 2005

Studio B Architects

However this is what impressed me...."The entire studio crew is strongly encouraged to pursue artistic interests outside of the realm of architecture, whether it is painting, drawing, photography, sculpting or ceramics. The studio maintains an annual tradition of closing the office for two weeks and traveling to research and pursue new works of architecture while exploring diverse cultures."

Tired of the boxes??

Hey it looks like a giant melon!

more funny boxes

Garofalo Architects, Chicago

Prophecy be told - called for submissions

Prophecy Magazine is an internationally distributed bi-annual magazine of architecture, art, fashion, music + culture.Each issue of Prophecy features theoretical architectural ideas/renderings in "the Lab" section. This section usually features 3-5 projects.We are currently accepting submissions to be included in our next issue.

July 23, 2005

Funny boxes

Because I know someone out there is going to give me a hard time about the excessive posts by architects doing nothing but rather rectilinear works - I thought i would poke some fun at myself.

NY based architecture studio of Grywinski Pons

Weekend Post

Here's a few things to check out

Moka-Break - a blog on art, architecture and culture (sounds familiar!)

and Geoffrey Holton & Associates. Small multi-disciple practice out of Oakland, California

links via archinect

July 22, 2005

MJ Neal Architect

Texas based architect, MJ Neal. Visually enticing work that is equally environmentally sensitive.

see more here

July 21, 2005

But What I Really Want to Do Is Design

Lenny Kravitz, who owns some of the funkiest bachelor pads around and says if he hadn't been a musician he would have been a designer, this month announced the formation of Kravitz Design, a firm focusing on commercial, residential and product design.

"When this tour ends in two weeks, it's going to be full-on designing," Mr. Kravitz said in a phone interview from his hotel in Paris. Without going into details of deals in negotiation, he said his plans include "a hotel complex in Vegas, a hotel project in L.A., some residential places for very well-known people."

Rick Marin writes in the New York Times about the celebrity fetish with design and architecture.

link via archinect

July 20, 2005

NY Conference on Design

NEW YORK, NY JULY 2005 – On September 9th and 10th the Semi-Permanent Design Event, co-hosted by New York creative collective thehappycorp global and Australian design group Design is Kinky, debuts Stateside at Lincoln Center. Organized with presenting sponsor Diesel, Semi-Permanent will examine the current design climate, showcase leading talent and technology, and offer insight into the future of creative industries.

Twelve eminent artists and designers will speak about their work, ideas, and experiences at Avery Fisher Hall. Participating speakers include architectural firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the industry powerhouse famous for their winning designs of New York’s High Line Project and the renovation of Lincoln Center, the special effects gurus from The Orphanage, whose credits include Sin City, Day After Tomorrow, and the highly anticipated Superman Returns and Aeon Flux, 19-year-old graphic design wunderkind Chuck Anderson, photographer and digital artist Charlie White, and many more.


David's handy work

Sketch of the new Gallery for Iniva by David Adjaye

July 19, 2005

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger this weekend. But I have an excuse...and its a good one.

We all know I live on an island with a volcano, well Monday made the 10th Anniversary of its eruption - so what did it do, it erupted again. If you don't believe me look at the pictures.

IAAC Competition

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia furthers its support of sustainable development by sponsering the Advanced Architecture Contest. Created for students and professionals to inspire changes in how new buildings are designed and constructed, the program challenges participants to design a self-sufficent and ecologically oriented dwelling.

See more here

ONL - Oostherhius & Lénárd

These guys are sure to be the next BIG thing, you heard it here first!!

ONL is an office where reality and virtuality meet · The portfolio of ONL exists of a variety of projects in divergent fields of experience · This includes housing projects, exhibition pavilions, corporate business buildings, city planning tools, online experiences, interactive installations, theoretical studies and much more. Architect kas oosterhuis and visual artist ilona lénárd are directors of the multidisciplinary design office ONL, where architects, visual artists, web designers and programmers work together and join forces, practicing the fusion of art, architecture and technique on a digital platform

do you like the curves melon?

July 15, 2005

Photos from the stock

I just wanted to share another photo from my stocks taken during my Study Tours whilst attending the Caribbean School of Architecture.

This was a typical street facing building in Paramaribo, Suriname (aka Dutch Guyana). The photo looks saturated but it is in fact raining as it always was when we were there.

And for those of you who've heard the "pissing monkey"story it occurred just down the street.

More curves!

Former dean of the School of Architecture, University of Newcastle - Architect Lindsay Johnston

He wanted to see curves

Always aiming to please - I'm showing some curves.

The media stand at Lords Cricket grounds by Future Systems

July 14, 2005

Sustainable Housing in Europe

SHE: Sustainable Housing in Europe is a demonstration project funded by the European Commission under the 5th Framework Programme "Research and Development", programme on "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development"

SHE aims to demonstrate the real feasibility of sustainable housing, through pilot projects in 4 different countries, Denmark, France, Italy and Portugal, applying sustainable housing to the common praxis and integrating sustainability with the users' participation to the main steps of the constructing process.

on my back

on my back
Originally uploaded by architechnophilia.
Some days you just don't want to wake up!

This old house...

"Nendo turned an old house in Tokyo into a restaurant made from a sheet of canvas. Given a small budget, the group used a 200 meter sheet of canvas and wrapped the entire house, inside and outside including the table cloth and the chair coverings. The remaining canvas was used for cards and matchboxes as well."

links via sensory impact

July 13, 2005

10 cubes / 10 cylinders

transcontinental architectural dialogues.
10 japanese architects collaborating with 10 spanish architects
in order to create 20 different proposals (10 cubes / 10 cylinders).
july 1 through july 24, 2005

a nice mix for those requesting more curvy shite!

Student Housing

Student Housing
Originally uploaded by architechnophilia.
The student housing at the University of Technology, Jamaica.

bored of the boxes.... heres a little turkish delight

What do you thing of Myron Goldfingers' Anguilla work?

- from a distance looks like a bunch of surreal creatures, or oversized caravans, take your pick gathering along the beach.... still, with a strong style of it's own, it perhaps is better than neo-creole, or pseudo barbados georgian....

don't look at me that's all the melon

July 12, 2005

Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil on the cover of ICON magazine.

No actually it is the French architect, Jean Nouvel

damn I need to get this copy!

Boyd Cody Architects

From the other Emerald Isle

Boyd Cody Architects, Dublin, Ireland

Boyd Cody architects is a young, design-led practice which began as a partnership in 1997 to complete a loft conversion in New York. Their shared vision and interest in contemporary architectural and urban culture is the principal motivating force behind the practice. Each project, no matter how small, is viewed as a means to explore and realise architecture's full design and urban potential.

July 11, 2005

Oslo School of Architecture, Norway

From archidose

Oslo School of Architecture by architect Jarmand/Vigsnæs AS.

The architects focused their attention on the interior, a sunken courtyard and a new block of classrooms competing the courtyard given the existing building's conservation status on its exterior.

Zoom zoom zoom

Montserrat held its inaugural flight (scheduled fixed wing) today the 11th July 2005. After an absence of 8 years since the Souffrie Hills Volcano interrupted scheduled flights. It was truly a momenteous occassion attended by dignitaries from other Caribbean islands and the European Commission. Winair, who won the carrier tender late last year was out with several vessels of their fleet.

On an architectural/engineering note the runway utilizes a structural system unlike any in the world with two embankments on either side at approximately 100m high made from compacted fill (done 196mm at a time) - a true wonder!

July 10, 2005

Naked people everywhere

Furniture and Naked People is an ongoing project in which we ask our favorite photographers to pair naked people with icons of modern design. Photographers include Richard Kern, Doug Fogelson, Usama Alshaibi, Richard Kern, and Henrik Purienne

warning: not for viewing by minors


a Viennese shopping street, Neubaugasse, will be covered in monochrome for a period of two weeks of all advertising signs, slogans, pictograms, company names and logos. More here.

Link via archinect.

July 8, 2005


I still want to be an architect...very much. I am back to the drawing board. Looking at my original sketches. I am being inspired by the young protagonist, the anxious, the crazy, the kid who was going to change the world.
I am beginning to believe again.

Miro-Rivera Architects

Miro-Rivera Architects

Another practice from the lonestar state (yehah?); the work reflects a certain sensitivity of locale, particularly the aridness of the landscape. My criticism would be their use of materials, seemingly in conflict with environs. Beautiful work nonetheless
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