November 30, 2005


Kevin was my former instructor at Summer Academy in Architecture (University of Texas, Austin) back in 1994.

November 29, 2005

A rather ghost-like render for the Lausanne Museum of Fine Arts by multi-disciplinary architects from the NetherlandsONL

see previous link

A lovely source for all your old magazines - would be nice to use as an entire floor don't you think.
A San Francisco-based firm founded in 1994 with the purpose of giving thoughtful form to community, culture and environment through landscape architecture, site planning and urban design, the office of Cheryl Barton

November 28, 2005

Naked and White

Hong Kong architect Alexander Wong’s creed is ‘Naked Architecture ’, defined as stripped away of all layers of superficiality”. The basis of his work is utilitarian space is beautiful because it is meaningful”. This book presents various of detailed examination of a luxury boatyard (all clean, restful white lines, like a Hockney painting) to Jackie Chan’s house (“Chinese Kung-Fu meets Chinese Modern”, vivid and red) are illustrated by an adroit mixture of Wong’s engaging commentary, plans and quality photography. He is a fine writer and in these snapshots conveys what he is about very well. Naked + White is an excellent introduction to an intriguing character.

anyone know if wong has a website?

November 25, 2005

Samra residence in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts by studio TROIKA

Whilst I don't do it for the awards nor the recognition the prize doesn't seem bad at all. Oddly enough archinect would probably get my vote.

November 24, 2005

get your lucky drops

‘lucky drops’, setagaya-ku, tokyo, 2005
skin-house project no.7

Interview with Architect Yasuhiro Yamashita of atelier TEKUTO on designboom

November 23, 2005

Learning from chopstick holders... was developed to complement the production of Learning from Bob and Denise, an upcoming feature-length documentary that examines the personal, academic and professional lives of the two influential designers and thinkers, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown.

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November 22, 2005

Centre Stage

International Competition entries for the design of a new performing arts venue in Perth, Western Australia. More here

thanks melon

November 21, 2005

GEORGETOWN (Stabroek News): THE CONSTRUCTION of Guyana's Cricket World Cup 2007 stadium is five per cent behind schedule, but site engineer Walter Willis is optimistic that it would be completed by the scheduled date.

Meanwhile in Jamaica, Prime Minister P.J. Patterson shows some muscle at the ground-breaking ceremony for the Cricket World Cup 2007 stadium in Florence Hall, Trelawny. Both stadium grounds are to be ready in time for the opening ceremonies.

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You can see this....


and a couple more at arcspace, Will Alsop's Blizzard

November 19, 2005

For the anti-box lovers out there, image netted from archinect

Its an orthopedics lab by the way

Donaldson + Warn, Architects, architectural practice from Western Australia
A house on an enclosed back-land site in Notting Hill by Architects Gianni Botsford with its own secret garden

And their proposal for a 80 room hotel, Travelodge

November 18, 2005

dancing Chinese dragons

Denton Corker Marshall has been plying its trade in China ever since it designed the Australian embassy there in 1982. Its new Dongqianhu International Educational Forum Complex, near Shanghai, is due to open by 2009 and will include a convention centre, an exhibition hall, a hotel and shopping facilities. The shape suggests dancing Chinese dragons.

courtesy of WallPaper

November 17, 2005

ISSHO is an architecture office basing in Tokyo, established in 2002. ISSHO develops architecture, urbanism, and furniture.

November 16, 2005

Tropical Green Conference

With Miami's current building frenzy, the city needs to consider sustainable design principles urgently, and not only for environmental reasons. Indeed: such an earth-friendly approach is also a smart business investment, offering long-term profits and, in many cases, higher selling prices.

The two-day Tropical Green conference will be an invaluable experience for architects, interior designers, developers, city planners, politicians, and voters in search of learning the ways of 21st century design that will both help the environment and their wallets.

November 15, 2005

De Young on ArcSpace

New Museum in San Francisco by Archi-gods Herzog de Meuron

more on arcspace

November 14, 2005

November 10, 2005

This is a sentiment very familiar to Montserrat, making smart moves regarding post-distaster rebuilding. See more here from Pakistan

November 9, 2005

From 60's icon to environmental compound, architect David Hertz turns a 747 into a home.

More here

via archinect

November 7, 2005

"Gimme Room" - popular calypso by Ambassador to Israel

David Adjaye embarks on his "...biggest and most ambitious project yet, combining library, classrooms and community centre with social and youth spaces. The project marks a significant step forward for him....He is a very successful young architect; he is also a very successful black architect."

see the rest here
via archinect

November 3, 2005

Continuing the theme of architecture activism...One Small Project

The forthcoming book, titled Building More, Wanting Less . . . is inspired by living conditions in the working class neighborhoods of Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Colombo, Delhi, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Mumbai, St.Petersburg, and Singapore.

One billion leftover people--typically called squatters, self-builders, slum
dwellers, informal settlers, or displaced persons (it's a big category)--claim
leftover spaces in cities and live in unauthorized dwellings made of scavenged,
leftover materials.

November 1, 2005

High architecture to the lowest

Keeping with the Altanta, GA theme the madhousers (via archinect)
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