November 30, 2006

Coop Himmelb(l)au's proposal for the Busan Cinema Centre and home of the Pusan International Film Festival. "The double cone is the connective element between the Cinema mountain and the PIFF hill, and the symbolic landmark entrance to the entire site. During the festival it marks the VIP entrance to the Busan Cinema Centre complex"

more via architecture-page

November 29, 2006

“Create a silent dwelling for one hundred bodies and one hundred hearts”

from white to green

A "smart" self cleaning material used on the Dives in Misericordia church in Rome, has since determined to be an antipollution that helps to destroy air pollutants found in car exhaust and heating emissions.

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November 24, 2006

Zaha Hadid's winning competition entry for the building of a Mediterranean Museum of Nuragic and Contemporary Art on the seafront at Sant’Elia in Cagliari.

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November 23, 2006

A parasol?

but will this get built... 

Souterrain, The Hague

The Hague is a city confined by the sea and the highways to neighbouring cites, thus relying on growth within its boundaries. The architecture of OMA has been applied to subterranean transport, sandwiching a building between layers of parking and a station stretching out below the main shopping street.

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November 19, 2006

things I saw

on my drive to MoBay

November 15, 2006

snap snap

Chinese landscape photographer Yossi Milo

The Pompidou Centre Metz by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, in eastern France set to open in 2008, will show rotating exhibitions from the museum's 56,000-strong collection.

via Guardian
more on Ban here

November 14, 2006

McFarlane Architects
Steve Giralt photographer take a look

Also try Curbly a DIY design community

some pictures

Downtown Kingston, Jamaica

November 9, 2006

UN Studio in New Orleans

Dutch powerhouse UN Studio's proposal for a media centre in New Orleans, that weaves within its distorted ziggurat social, cultural and ecological balance.

via Plataforma Arquitectura

heading to Jamaica for a week, will blog from there...

November 7, 2006

Photographer Georg Fischer

November 6, 2006

David Jameson Architect

check out the Calem Rubin residence...most boxtastic


University College Dublin, Ireland’s largest university has launched a major international architecture competition for a new landmark development at the university’s Belfield campus.
The Gateway Project comprising cultural, academic, leisure and business facilities, represents the start of the implementation of a 15-year UCD Campus Development Plan. The University is inviting submissions from leading architecture firms from around the world.

November 5, 2006

Ronan in Anguilla

Architect John Ronan has included some nifty new works, particularly interesting are the proposals for the Long Bay & Lock Rum Villas in Anguilla BWI.

speaking of Anguilla, congratulations Buki on your new job

November 4, 2006

"The simple lines of the structure are a pragmatic and poetic answer to the thin budget."

The Floating House is a studio for resident artists at the Cneai, National Contemporary Art Center for Publication. Initiated in 2002, this habitable barge was realized in collaboration with architects Jean-Marie Finot & Denis Daversin and artists Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

way boxtastic!!

Lady Hadid

I found this image of a new proposal by Zaha Hadid, however no indication was made as to what or where it is.

I think it might be Eusko Train Station in Spain

Maya Lin

"[She] wants to project an image of disengagement from the huge civic issues she raised. Now, she makes bumps in the earth and little Zen-like paths in public gardens..."

An article on Maya Lin in the Wastington Post, regarding her move from politics to the environment, she is best known for her powerful Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

November 3, 2006

Individual pre-fab houses are impractical due the value and scarcity of land. Home Factory in London, is an affordable option designed as apartments that stack together both horizontally and vertically allowing designer pre-fab housing to be brought to a public & affordable market.

via Inhabitat

November 2, 2006

St Martin de Porro, Montserrat

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