June 30, 2006

football time

There will be a late post to the blog - watching football; bear with me.

- mad

June 29, 2006

What is your favourite meeting place?

openDemocracy is running a debate about architecture and participation, in response to an exciting new project by Lift, the London International Festival of Theatre. Lift's architecture competition invited designs for its New Parliament in London, UK , a transportable meeting and performance space, and a public vote (closing on June 30th) is now in progress to choose the team who will develop the building.

Experts, cultural practitioners, and interested readers are invited to talk about the spaces and environments where they choose to meet and create. The debate has already started, and will take place over this week and next.

June 28, 2006

Peter Barber Architects' Donnybrook Quarter "proposal is a celebration of the public social life of the street. "

pruned : on landscape architecture and related fields
(do you think the pun is intended?)

'an airstrip for Russian prostitutes' - Koolhaas via

June 27, 2006

Number 2

Architechnophilia apparently is no.2 at the Top 10 sources on Architecture.


most expensive cities

The Sydney Morning Herald has a surprising list of the 50 most expensive cities in the world to live in, factoring in "housing, transportation, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment."

1. Moscow, 2. Seoul, 3. Tokyo, 4. Hong Kong, 5. London

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June 26, 2006

its summer

feld72 is a collective, a laboratory for architecture, engaged in research and finding new strategies for cliché-dominated or underestimated (urban) conditions.

June 25, 2006

sidewalk disgrace: dangerous to the disabled,

building green,

architecture 53seven,


Chicago based architects Dirk Dennison


June 23, 2006

Details: Grantley Adams Int'l Airport

Geek Shangri-la

A brainstorming mezzanine with AstroTurf carpet

Google's new headquarters in Mountain View, California designed Clive Wilkinson Architects

read the rest here

see also 13 ways to collaborate - google style

June 22, 2006

drawing board

you asked to see....what I'm working on

ZJB Radio Montserrat


June 21, 2006

by Eva Jiricna

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June 19, 2006

Chilean Architect Mathias Klotz; estudio klotz

"I am a hybrid...[and] I have understood that the project is by and for the client and, ... his satisfaction is essential as being the only way the building has a full life or subsistence"

projects: Barbados

The Creative Arts Centre, UWI CaveHill, Barbados

by Ricardo Anderson, SRM Architects


New church under construction by SRM Architects, Barbados

June 18, 2006



drinks with the architects at Pravda, contemporary island style lounge

June 17, 2006

Barbados - by taxi

these are from the drive back from Bridgetown just to give an idea of what Barbados looks like.

June 16, 2006

Three Urban Destinations in Downtown Madrid

The main objective of this competition is the urban definition of the main corridors indicated on the Urban Destination Master Plan. Is about a series of destinations characterized by the capacity of establish a special relation between citizenship and the time experienced in the city: a sporting destination, a cultural destination and other slow destination.

see here for more
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June 15, 2006

Still in Barbados - not much time to get online to check email much less blog

development in the pipeline; to begin interviewing Architects in the region. Send me a note if there is anything specific people want to see or know.

Kisha how's T'dad?

June 10, 2006

architecture - fever!!

Design-build practice el Dorado Inc

how small can you go without really seeming ridiculous, the m-ch proves one can be stylish yet compact.

Boxer-turned-architect fights on...via Life Without Buildings

archinect co-sponsers of 2x8: swell with AIA/LA; an annual exhibition showcasing exemplary student work from architecture and design institutions throughout California

[dxb]LAB multi-disciplinary practice from United Arab Emirates

travel diary of an architect - whadiass!

10th June 06
-early morning flight out of Montserrat. Driving around the island as it sheds it twilight veil. The clatter of the brass band is obvious from the Queen's birthday parade. Waiting for the flight to board the new Chief Minister of the island rolls up with misses in tow, black SUV and a sole police outrider. This is no where odd, but within this sleepy island context it is almost unheard of. He walks around and to make stranger he's able to refer to everyone he walks past by name. One has to love the island life.

In Antigua, the girl at the front desk remarks that all I seem to do when I'm here is shop. You hear that Rem? Fancy a Caribbean Guide to Shopping? Bag juice, sweetie and coconut Vender and all? Now watching history unfold, another Caribbean nation's inaugural match at the World Cup Finals - go soca warriors (oddly the commentator says "soccer-warriors" instead). If this match draws we will celebrate, if T'dad win stay tune for the worlds biggest bacchanal (as we speak they have drawn with Sweden)

June 9, 2006


Damien Hirst's work in progress, compared with his epic works that teetered on the lines of sensitivity - a shark in formaldehyde, will on completion be the most expensive work of art....ever. Comprised of a human skull, cast in platinum and encased entirely in diamonds - some 8,500 in all. Once complete it will likely cost between £8m and £10m.

June 6, 2006

2006 International Bamboo Building Design Competition

Competition Objectives: This competition has been created to develop new award winning designs for bamboo buildings, raise awareness of the use of certified structural bamboo for building code approved structures, and introduce architects, designers and builders to working with bamboo as a structural material.

Building Design Categories: There are design categories for different types of bamboo buildings, and winners will be chosen in each design category.

Registration: Open to architects, builders, designers, students anywhere in the world. Registration deadline is December 31, 2006.

see link (via archiseek)

building studio

Building Studio

June 4, 2006

Frank Harmon Architect

The architects designed in Bahamas, a cube sheltered by a large, inverted-umbrella-style roof to celebrate the beauty of the environment,to shade & cool the interior on hot days and also as a rain-collecting dish.

Frank Harmon Architects is a small NC based architectural practice focused on sustainable design that is responsive to particular climates and settings, yet creating tactile and relaxed works.

The Taylor Vacation Home was featured in the book Tropical Modern

June 3, 2006

Big Post (kinda jumbled too)

Danda features MVDRV's Gemeni Residence in Copenhagen

The La Times reports on two British entrepreneurs, that are seeking 5,000 people to join Tribewanted.com, a sort of tribal timeshare with a three-year lease on a Fijian island.

Need some spice in your [love] life?

and some random image that just says, boxtastic

unstudio 'design models' by Thames & Hudson

June 2, 2006


The Architecture Foundation and Lift invite participants to suggest inspiring, innovative yet realistic designs for open international competition to design the Lift New Parliament, a transportable meeting and performance space, which will open at the Lift Festival in June 2008. Once open, it will travel throughout London, nationally and internationally.

The competition is an open anonymous competition, following which a shortlist of 4 teams will make presentations to participants from east London boroughs, and be interviewed by members of the jury and advisory group in early July. There will also be a public vote on the short-listed entries online from 24-30 June.

June 1, 2006

Life without Buildings announced the ground breaking for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, David Adjaye's first American building.
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