December 2, 2009

House of the Week - a retrospective

Over the last 50 weeks we've presented contemporary houses from around the globe (US, Japan and Australia mostly) and from a variety of architects - houses with odd titles, some that render the function of the house and others that seem to follow the alphabet.

001 TDA House, Mexico
002 Casa Bellicini, Italy
003 Terrace House, Israel
004 Casa San Isidro, Argentina
005 McKinley Compound, California
006 Tattoo House, Australia
007 Surfhouse, California
008 Blackwell House, Arkansas
009 700 Palms, California
010 Haus W, Germany
011 Raumati House, New Zealand
012 Ant Farm, Taiwan
013 Sculptor House, Chile
014 House in Curitiba, Brazil
015 Eggo House, Czech Republic
016 Hanghaus Weidling, Australia
017 NX House, Portugal
018 5ive, Minneapolis
019 Loblolly House, Maryland
020 Azuma House, Japan
021 Clontarf, Australia
022 Cliffhanger, Greece
023 Slot House, New York
024 Villa Cote d'Azur, France
025 Grangegorman, Ireland
026 Phoenix, Jamaica
027 Cascade House, Canada
028 Desert Nomad House, Arizona
029 Lake House, Washington
030 Brosmith House, California
031 House 2, India
032 House in Kasumi, Japan
033 Residence F, Germany
034 Thiang Residence, Australia
035 Villa Malaparte, Italy
036 Bangkok House, Thailand
037 Sumaré, Brazil
038 T-House, New York
039 Casa N, Mexico
040 Villa Dall'Ava, France
041 N-House, Japan
042 Otake House, Japan
043 Big Sur, California
044 Farnsworth House, Illinois 
045 K18V123, Netherlands
046 Heeren Shophouse, Malaysia
047 Tubac, Arizona
048 Sorrento, Australia
049 Spaghetti House, California

We are seeking suggestions for the next 50 especially from countries not listed.

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1 comment:

holz said...

marte.marte's wohnhaus in dafins, AT

walter unterrainer, passivhaus in satteins

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