October 31, 2011

blog wunderlust : 31st October 2011

architecture and design is our way of living and a source of pleasure and inspiration
Van Rooijen

emerging-market innovation: slums as inspiration | Le Corbusier and UNESCO | Interview with Robert Oshatz: The Natural Beauty and Lyrical Music of architecture | Twisting Architecture | Donovan Wylie on the Architecture of Conflict | Philips unveils an elegant ‘Microbial Home’ concept | Couple brings web of creativity to architecture building | Outside Cleveland, Snapshots of Poverty’s Surge in the Suburbs | Celebrating Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel

October 28, 2011

Oslo Cooking

Short documentary on the architectural and urban development of Oslo featuring Julien De Smedt, Kjetil Thorsen and Gary Bates. Directed by Martin Hogsnes Solvang. Commissioned by DAMn° and Designers Saturday.

Oslo Cooking from JDS Architects on Vimeo.

October 24, 2011

blog wunderlust : 24th October 2011

We have to be careful not to criticise things just because they don't appeal to us as architects
Julien de Smedt

Giant melting da Vinci artwork recreated on Arctic sea ice | Aberrant Architecture – ‘Peeping Tom’ | Architect magazine now on iPad | Spotlight: Mansueto Research Library | Clemson trustees approve plans for new Charleston architecture centre | Unfolded Architecture | China's richest village opens luxury 328m tower as it begins an architectural ascent | Architecture: Please forgive the critic (but he just has to rap…) | Old School Drafting |

last word: On Architecture and Authorship: A Conversation

October 18, 2011

Regional Holcim Awards 2011 Latin America

The Holcim Awards is an international competition that recognizes innovative projects and future-oriented concepts on regional and global levels. A total of USD 2 million in prize money is awarded in each three-year cycle.

This year's Latin American winners are:

Urban remediation and civic infrastructure hub, São Paulo, Brazil
Main author: Alfredo Brillembourg, Urban Think Tank, Brazil
Further author: Hubert Klumpner, Urban Think Tank, Brazil

October 17, 2011

blog wunderlust : 17th October 2011

Making a sandcastle is like an ideal version of architecture: make mistakes, erase them, start again.
Sam Jacob, FAT

Classic Documentary The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, Now Available Online | The Challenges of Housing Design for a Growing World | Interview with José Miguel de Prada Poole | Home-In-A-Dumpster | The Green Cathedral | The Park Avenue Armory Gets a Much-Needed Facelift From Herzog & de Meuron | Hemingway's Cuban home restored, next Marcus Garvey's childhood home in Jamaica | Tv commercial featuring Bjarke Ingels and Gary Chang | Bad Boy Architects & China's New Face | Crater Lake by 24° Studio

last word: Why Architecture's Identity Problem Should Matter to the Rest of Us

October 14, 2011

British Homes Awards 2011

Winner of Future Homes category at the British Homes Awards (BHA) 2011 Alex King (Designalexable).



Continuity and acceleration are two mathematical concepts that relate the dancing body to space. This film unpacks the sensation of acceleration embedded in limits taken in the act of determining the continuous nature of movement.

Continuous from adriene hughes on Vimeo.

October 7, 2011

logo competition

Architechnophilia is seeking a creative new logo design. The ideal logo should that embody the idea and mantra that "Architecture is a beautiful thing to love, and an even better thing to share."

The logo must be designed primarily for screen use (Internet, TV, video etc) however it should be easily transferrable on print on newspapers, magazines, letterheads or various promotional items (pencils, caps, etc).

The logo can be graphic or text-based or any combination of these and other graphic formats. It must be easily recognizable and any text should be easy to read. The design must be able to be printed in black & white or colour (if applicable). And the size must be adjustable from very small to large.

The designer of the winning entry will be receive 100 business cards courtesy of MOO, makers of premium postcards and business cards. Winners will also receive a showcase business card holder perfect for storing and displaying your cards.

Submissions are due at midnight 4th November 2011 and must be uploaded to the flickr page. Participants can submit a maximum of 3 works.

October 5, 2011

New Work ::: Contemporary Art Museum (CAM)

Brooks + Scarpa has just completed a new 22,300 ft2 Museum located in the Historic Depot District of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. The near $6m Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) is defined by its expressive entry canopy and features exhibition spaces, archive and art storage, an educational centre, offices, a catering kitchen and a sculpture garden. Formed from an existing two-story brick structure the new museum balances the previous aesthetic with a spartan interior of industrial material and concrete.

October 3, 2011

blog wunderlust : 3rd October 2011

The approach to architecture should be like science, with breakthroughs that create new information, not repetition of old ideas
Frank Gehry

Is architecture best taught by practising architects? | Designers for Olympic Park shortlisted | Building in Grand Cayman | Sustainable Homes Are Not McMansions | 50 best blogs for architecture students | Death by suburban sprawl | Need a new roof? Solar power's included | Architects Using Robots to Build Beautiful Structures | Concrete vases by Xiral Segard | Outside the Box by Frank Gehry | And somewhere, an architect got his smug-wings | Into Africa

last word: social media for architects
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