May 31, 2009

What's in a Name?

The following is a critique written by Sutherland Lyall in the Architectural Review (1st October 2007) entitled; What's in a Name?

It's difficult not to enjoy architectural site names. How could you resist Architechnophilia? When I looked at it in September [2007] it looked like the beginning of an architectural plan book but a bit of scrolling, as with bloglikeyougiveadamn, revealed a bunch of pleasures from Thomas Heatherwick's latest, through Dutch floating homes, some bad music to a fascinating blogumentary about building, actually mostly pouring concrete, in Tokyo. Like many blogs it relies on material sourced from elsewhere. That poses global problems of copyright for the whole web, not just blogs. But in the same way that a blind eye was turned to music sampling in the 80s maybe blog-like sampling of text and images is something media publishers are just going to have to put up with.

Sutherland Lyall is at
COPYRIGHT 2007 EMAP Architecture
via access my library

ps. if anyone has a copy of the October 2007 issue of Architectural Review and is willing to part with it please let me know

May 29, 2009


Could this be the challenger to Google SketchUp? Introducing Bonzai3d. The beta version is available for download

May 28, 2009

and the winner is....

From the same folks that brought you the Ordos 100, a planned community in Inner Mongolia, China designed by a list of not-yet-ready-for-primetime architects (Preston Scott Cohen, Lyn Rice, Moshiko Tori, Michel Rojkind, etc) comes a new international architecture prize for architectural achievement...the ORDOS

Unlike other major prizes that recognize an architect for a significant project or body of work, The Ordos Prize is the first to honor emerging young talent,” says Rem Koolhaas, who heads The Ordos Prize Jury.

The Ordos Prize will be awarded on August 20, 2009, at a unique Mongolian-style ceremony in Ordos. For more information

on the boards: National Bicentennial School

The National Bicentennial School proposed for a site in Nuevo Leon, Mexico by stación-architecture was borne out of a competition for students and architects to develop a scheme for a "Bicentennial Elementary School," that presented innovative design approaches to space, pedagogical approaches, and environments that encourage children to learn.

on the boards: National Heart Centre

The National Heart Centre (above) is a 35,000 sqm addition to the Singapore General Hospital by architects ONG & ONG in collaboration Broadway-Malyan that utilises a modular construction, with floating gardens, is almost completely naturally ventilated. The project is composed of a clinic, laboratory, operating theatres and administrative areas and is to total £73 million when complete in 2012.

The opposing elevations are significantly different, the southern face closed and shaded responding to the sun, the other more welcoming and open to allow for views in and out.

May 27, 2009

House of the Week 024: Villa Cote d'Azur

This exceptional villa overlooking the Côte d’Azur in the south of France designed by Atelier Barani, is comprised of a series of pavilions formed around the pool. The fenestrations open and retract under large horizontal overhangs framing the view natural surroundings.

May 26, 2009

Luana gardens design competition

Last week saw the close of the exhibition of the Luana Gardens Competition, held in Kingston, Jamaica. Of the 17 International entries, a dozen compliant boards were exhibited, in the courtyard of the HAJ building including the first, second and third place entries.

first place - Collaboration of Kingston 10 and Clifton Yap Architects -
second place - Interplan Planning Consultants
third place - Marvin Goodman

The details of the Luana Gardens Competition was to propose a comprehensive master plan for a site in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica focussed on the provision of 850 housing units, open spaces, infrastructure, and the inclusion of a number of municipal buildings (schools, post-office, police station, etc). Teams equally had to consider social solutions as well as ecological ones from passive cooling, site drainage and energy collection/preservation.

May 25, 2009

architecture + conservation

Culloden Battlefield Visitor's Centre, Scotland designed by Gareth Hoskins Architects.

Niemeyer continued

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In his own words: Oscar Niemeyer

Arguably the most influential living architect...Oscar Niemeyer talking about Brasilia

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May 24, 2009

blog wunderlust: 29 May 2009

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May 22, 2009

on the boards: Cleveland Institute of Art extension

The latest version of a $55 million expansion proposal for the Cleveland Institute of Art's McCullough Center is a significant departure from the previously released renders. The project has been the centre of controversy as the two architects MVRDV and Burt Hill square off for authorship of the project.

blog wunderlust: 22 May 2009

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also take a look at the new materialious

May 21, 2009

[yellow tail] wine recently announced a partnership with world renowned architect and designer Michael Graves signalling the brand’s continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of the wine category in ways that give it a fun, accessible flair. Graves will design a set of the first ever wine[tail] glasses to accompany [yellow tail]’s new wine-based cocktail recipes.

Graves will unveil his designs for the wine[tail] glasses in mid-July 2009, and 10 original artist-created sets of four collectible glasses will be auctioned off on eBay in November 2009. All proceeds from the online auctions will be donated to the American Association of Museums, which develops standards of excellence for museums across the United States

Bradant Central Library - MVRDV

Animation for the never realised plan for a central library for the Dutch province of Brabant by architects MVRDV

on the boards: SFMOMA Rooftop Garden

The Rooftop Garden connects to the 5th-floor gallery of the Mario Botta designed San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) via a glass-enclosed bridge. Described by architect Mark Jensen as "a gallery without a ceiling," the two open-air spaces features a luminous glass pavilion that afford dramatic views of both the San Francisco skyline and floods the museum's interior with natural light.
The museum selected San Francisco-based Jensen & Macy Architects in collaboration with Conger Moss Guillard Landscape Architecture to design the Rooftop Garden following an invitational competition held in 2006, and construction began in early 2008 won by . Opening of the SFMOMA is scheduled for summer 2009

May 20, 2009

House of the Week 023: slot house

Designed by noroof architects, the slot house was conceived as a canvas for 60 ft Maple tree in the front courtyard. The intimate house in Brooklyn, New York is only 1000 sf but with it's near 3 story window - to observe the tree of course, seems to embrace the wider environment.

House of the Week 022: Cliffhanger

A modern 250 sqm residence on the Greek island of Antiparos by architects deca - subtlety contradicts the bold main space housing the main sleeping and living areas against the guest suites by submerging them in the earth and cladding them with local stone.

May 19, 2009

from prayer to power

Here is a novel concept...

Each year millions of tourists visit the temples in Tibet and spin the prayer wheels inside. A student at the Art Institute of Chicago, Taikkun Yang Li, has come up with a proposal to harvest the energy by this simple act to power hundreds of homes reducing the carbon footprint of the tiny mountain side villages.

May 18, 2009

Advertisement for the 2009 staging of the World Games to be held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with Toyo Ito's recently completed solar powered stadium serving as the backdrop

maggie roack

An animated portrayal of Fountainhead, with the central character Howard Roark played by Maggie (daughter of Marge & Homer Simpson)

thanks Sean

May 15, 2009

thanks Chuck

On the 12th May 2009, the Prince of Wales gave the key note speech for 175th anniversary of the Royal Institute of British Architects. In his words he aimed to lend support to, "traditional approaches to architecture and urbanism," but instead reopened a wound as equally damning as his 1984 speech that perhaps originally begun this style war or as I prefer to think of it, as the imposition of the natural progression of architecture to review, revise and express the emergent values of contemporary society.

Why is HRH Prince Charles hampering on the relatively small number of architects designing and building structural gymnastics when much of the United Kingdom and it's Commonwealth (expanding or otherwise) is littered with architecture that attempts to be historically iconographic? The question at my lips is if his motives are truly genuine to the practice, and as Jeremy Till states, the products of architecture or instead to preserve a lifestyle (the über affluent and blue blooded kind), that functions entirely on submission, order and the negation of independent thought.

The Prince has attempted to cloud his arguments behind a social and environmentally ethical shroud, creating a scenario of extremes, claiming support for "an architecture bound to place not to time." How unfortunate that at a point when architecture is redefining it's role in the face of a global financial and environmental crisis, that Brutus has chosen to stab us in the heart. HRH has called for a return to the good ol' days, and perhaps history has repeated itself.


blog wunderlust: 15 May 2009

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also preview Frank Lloyd Wright, Complete works 1943-1959 by Taschen

May 14, 2009

on the boards: UAE Pavilion, Shanghai Expo

Foster + Partners' 450 person/3000 sqm, sand dune inspired design for the UAE pavilion for the Shanghai Expo 2010.

we previously reported on the Polish and Danish pavilions

I believe Foster's inspiration is far more sexual- what's your take?

on the boards: Guangzhou Cultural Centre

This misshapen balloon odd blimb-like structure is a proposal for a new cultural centre in Guangzhou, China by Japanese architect Shuhei Endo .

on the boards: Birmingham Library

Dutch architects Mecanoo have unveiled designs with tasty renderings by Hayes Davidson for a new library bordering Centenary Square in Birmingham, England. When complete in 2013, the library will serve as prime attractor for the city’s largest public square and is expected to cost £193 million.

May 13, 2009

urban design? We have an app for that

Software company Urbs has announced the initial release of Modelur, an application that aims to make the design of urban space rapid and simple. The application is based on the insanely popular 3D modelling tool Google SketchUp and is available for testing free of charge via this link.

May 12, 2009

those of you in Jamaica please make every effort to attend

Carboard Chair Competition

The AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) hosted a competition to design a chair from cardboard sponsored by the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation in the Spring 2009 academic semester.

Corrugated board has the best recycling rate of any packaging material used today, roughly 77% (24.7 million tons),diverting these materials from the municipal solid waste stream.

A hard look at every scrap of corrugated can lead the creative mind to see it as a valuable raw material with great versatility and flexibility for design.

follow the link for selections

May 11, 2009

Villa Grow

Villa Grow by Swedish architects Kjellgren Kaminsky, is an adaptable housing concept catering to starting families that can be extended as they grow. Music by Derango

Ethics in Architecture and Urbanism

Architechnophilia has been invited to participate in the 11th Virtual Forum of Iran Architectural Blogs under the theme Professional Ethics in Architecture and Urbanism

follow the link to contribute to the discussion

May 6, 2009

House of the Week 021: Clontarf

Clontarf by Australian architects Molnar Freeman, is a tasteful and contemporary mix of wood and glass enhanced by an open and airy construction that allows light to flow about the house at will.

via Minimalist Houses by Evergreen Publishers

thanks Sacha

School and Classroom Design Symposium

The Education Discussion Group is hosting a symposium on the topic of school and classroom design as well as its impact on teaching and learning. Literature and policy documents on education and training are replete with indicators that speak of the ‘interactive, experiential, and dynamic’ climate of schools of the future and the symposium aims to grapple with school design issues through the lens of hypothetical scenarios that are reflective of real-world strengths and weaknesses.

The Education Discussion Group (EDG) is a 25 member, voluntary non-profit organization started in 2004 that shares a common interest in the furthering of education and training in Trinidad and Tobago.

date: Thursday May 14, 2009
venue: School of Education, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad
programme: keynote speaker to be announced

May 5, 2009


David Adjaye: Houses; Recycling, Reconfiguring, Rebuilding
Peter Allison & David Adjaye
Thames & Hudson (2005)
Rating: 5 stars

David Adjaye Houses: recycling, reconfiguring, rebuilding exhibits the overt of a blossuming architecture practice. The book is prefaced by "Negotiating Architecture" an original work written by post-colonial writer Stuart Hall as an integral presentation to this monograph of houses. The houses, nearly all in London, are mostly about their interiors, shown in a play of materials. The publishers, Thames & Hudson, took Adjaye's use of material a step further mimicking the look and feel of the facade of the Elektra house on the book's jacket. The dozen or so works in the book are punctuated by drawings and writings by Deyan Sudjic and Caroline Roux, as well as details that seek to capture the ethos of the relationship between space & form, information versus drama.

May 4, 2009

Kiefer technic showroom

beeple (Mike Winkelman) created “subprime” as a critique on over-consumption and the current housing crisis, but instead of making his argument with charts and graphs, he simply shows the fictional progression of upgrades at a single homeowner’s site. Music by Nobot

thanks Yorkali for the link

May 1, 2009

blog wunderlust: 01 May 2009

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