May 30, 2007


The corrugated cardboard chair the otto, originally designed back in 1968 is being re-issued by German design retailer pulpo, is making a comeback as a light, durable, and sustainable option.

May 28, 2007

casa Buzeta

Vacation home by Felipe Assadi

These seasonal habits are constructed from a single piece of laminated paperboard. The units are sturdy enough to handle wind and rain as well are insulated and require no special skills or tools to assemble. Originally intended for use as temporary housing the open-air version is more suited as a lawn tent.

via Time Magazine's 2002 best inventions

Global Green
breaks ground on a development to include five single family houses, a multi-family center, and a community center. The project has gained media attention worldwide as its sponsored by actor/activist Brad Pitt.

The sketches and models of Frank Gehry featured in Vanity Fair

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado by architect David Adjaye. The musuem will likely on completion, be the only LEED certified musuem in the US, using 40% less energy that typical buildings and sprouting a roof garden by artist Kim Dickey and landscape architect Karla Dakin
A beautiful comment added to the Cerritto House relocation
Norman Foster leading tour of the new Wimbley Stadium

May 27, 2007

Seoul Performing Arts Centre by Emergent Architecture is dedicated to researching issues of structure, tectonics, and materiality through built work

May 26, 2007

"I've never really developed a style"

"I always approached architecture as a work of art, and human fulfillment was my key concern," article on architect Mario Ciampi

May 25, 2007

The Opus, by Zaha Hadid is a mixed-use commercial and retail development in Dubai

May 23, 2007

clash of the starchitects?

clash of the starchitects? Foster and Koolhaas knock heads over similar designs in the desert
The Cerritto House designed by Paul Rudolph, to be saved from demolition by being moved to New York

The Native Builder

New York Times
article on the life & work of Australian Architect Glenn Murcutt

May 21, 2007

CSA End of Year Show

Photos from the 2007 End of Year Show at the Caribbean School of Architecture (University of Technology, Jamaica)

malibu 5 by Kanner Architects


May 20, 2007

2007 International Architecture Awards

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts announce the 2007 International Architecture Awards for distinguished buildings and urban planning projects. The program was launched by the Museum in 2005 as a way in which to honor and celebrate the most outstanding architecture designed and built throughout the world.

Awarded works by architects Sean Godsell, Richard Rogers Partnership, Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Miralles Tagliabue among others

the nearly completed BMW Headquarters Centre in Munich, Germany by architects Coop Himmelb(l)au

Mouzhan Majidi takes over as CEO of Foster + Partners (Norman Foster retained as Chairman), as part of the restructing from the acquistion by congolmerate 3i


image taken from April 2007 issue of W, previously

May 17, 2007

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architectural videos
:: a rich sample of mostly youtube videos on architecturally related topics


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image of the therapy unit under construction in Montserrat

May 14, 2007

Gerber Architects proposal for a self-sufficient office tower in Riyadh, Dubai and Bahrain that produces 100% of its own electricity supply. That is the report via Treehugger. The building's shape helps to reduce the need for air conditioning, as well the concept is to utilise solar and wind to generate the electricity needed for the 68 story tower.

May 12, 2007

UME Magazine the international architecture magazine is now also online and downloads are free.

"The site is easy to read and easy to navigate - like a magazine with iPod graphics"

architectural training

Spoon Spaces reports on career options for those with architectural training.

Architectural Critic, Architectural Photographer, Architectural Programmer, Architectural Renderer, Building Envelope Scientist, Builder Inspector, CAD Coordinator, Campus Planner, Carpenter, Cartographer, Computer Presentation Designer, Computer Systems Analyst, Conservator, Construction Inspector, Construction Manager, Contractor , Corporate Consultant, Design/Build Team Manager, Developer, Document Designer, Environmental Planner, Furniture Designer, Graphic Designer, Heritage Planner, Illustrator, Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, Market Researcher, Model Maker, Municipal Architect, Museum Curator, Printmaker, Professor, Property Assessor, Publisher, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Project Manager, Researcher, Set Designer, Structural Engineer, Technical Writer, TV/Film Producer, or Urban Planner

It is definately a liberal list but helpful all the same.


The photographs of Mark Luthringer

May 11, 2007

Canada's grand scheme to green the harbour at the Don River, Toronto by Michael Van Valkenburgh (New York), Behnisch Architects (Los Angeles) and Ken Greenberg (Toronto)

UNStudio recreates themselves recalling previous projects like the tea house & the mobius house

Villa NM

May 10, 2007

sunset retreat

A private retreat by Ontario based Taylor Smyth Architects was designed with a single requirement for the occupants to be able to lie in bed and watch the sunset - hence the name. The project consists of a single room with built-in components including the bed and a storage wall on either side. The floor of the cabin extends to the outside towards the lake to become an outdoor deck with a shower.

Nouvel & Foster

Louvre Abu Dhabi by Jean Nouvel

Foster proposal for the Masder Initiative - an urban development in Abu Dhabi intended to be the world’s first “zero carbon, zero waste” city.

What's with the funny light? Two projects in the desert - one by Foster the other by Jean Nouvel. Both renders with a rather eerie ambient lighting effect. Perhaps they are telling us something about the light in Abu Dhabi

May 8, 2007

11 boxes

A house design around and constructed with the use of prefabricated frames. 11 boxes by Keiji Ashizawa Design Office

May 6, 2007


A retreat centre set into and over a hillside bounded by a mature woodland & river designed by Bates Maher Architects

May 4, 2007

St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel, Finland by Sanaksenaho Architects

Has the Gulf region become the new trophy board for the world's famed architects, boasting projects from the likes of Nouvel, Ando, Hadid & Gehry? Now Koolhaas!!

More here
The boutique hotel chain Alt, are to build accommodations for the green yet chic traveler. The new hotel designed by Lemay Michaud AD are to utilise geothermal heating and cooling, energy efficient lighting and heat recovery from exhaust air and laundry water.

May 2, 2007

Caribbean Civic Architecture

6th FCAA Biennial of Caribbean Architecture, Curacao

30th September to 3rd October 2007

conference theme Caribbean Civic Architecture

Civic Architecture refers to buildings that are necessary for exercising the tasks of the government such as parliament buildings or court buildings and prisons however also refers to buildings that are financed by the government like schools, libraries or hospitals. Since the public interest prevails within civic architecture its role is mostly social. It can be used to strengthen the identity of the people, the state or the city and can be a catalyst for the private sector.

House kn, a private residence in a Japanese suburb is carved from a large ‘box’ that fills the entire site | sliced to create a void | framing the garden, the sky, and beyond. By Kochi Architects Studio


May 1, 2007

Multi-family housing by Swiss architects Luthi & Partner


Found this compelling image of a competition entry for a sea-bound city in Tel-Aviv


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10 reminders for better architecture

Architecture as Art

The dangerous lifespan of plutonium, compared to the duration of human endeavor, approaches eternity. Signs, gates, locks will crumble to dust while this metal's glow is still young.

avaged by the terrifying Minotaur, the Oracle told them to build a maze which would keep the monster from escaping, and Daedalus built a maze to contain him.

The proposal contains the plutonium in the center of a colossal maze, constructed of cast concrete walls thrusting hundreds of feet into the sky. It is built over generations, so that no one can remember where its true center lies. It becomes impenetrable because of its vastness. In this way it always forbids, menaces, and in so protects.

Competition entry for a Plutonium Storage Facility by Architect Aaron McDonald

Art as Architecture

Installation by architects Future Systems & artist Anish Kapoor for the 2005 Snow Show
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