March 30, 2011

house of the week 109: Waikopua

Located on an idyllic private bay in New Zealand, the family beach house was designed by Daniel Marshall architects and evolved from a simple camp site. The house is broken into two distinct volumes, the larger form for the family, the other smaller one serves as a guest house with the void between them used for access to the water below.

March 29, 2011

And the winner is... Eduardo Souto de Moura

Portugese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura has become the 2011 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate. His practice is often associated with the conversion of the Santa Maria do Bouro Convent the Braga Football Stadium (Euro 2005) and more recently the Cinema House for Manoel de Oliveira. Perhaps his most recognisable work however is the 2009 Paula Rêgo Museum with it's distinct red stained truncated pyramidal roof forms. He joins his teacher and mentor Alvara Siza who was awarded in 1992 as the second Portguese architect to win the prize.

The Pritzker Architecture Prize is the highest professional honour, bestowed on
living architects whose built work demonstrates a combination of those qualities of talent, vision and committment, which has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through the art of architecture.

more info about the prize and the architect's work

and for a laugh read a recent criticism of the Pritzker Prize

new work ::: BMCE Headquarters

Norman Foster (Foster + Partners) has recently completed a pair of banks in Rabat and Casablanca for the Moroccan company BMCE. The modular design is a simple concrete frame clad in zellige, a traditional ceramic tile with large glazed openings that are screened by 200mm deep steel shades. The bank is passively cooled via tubing that draws in fresh air, cools it subterraneanly before releasing it naturally inside the building.

Photographs by Nigel Young. See the original post on Dezeen

March 28, 2011

Think Brick Awards

Think Brick Australia is currently accepting interest for the Think Brick Awards 2011. This award aims to encourage designers, architects and students to consider the artistic, environmental, and the versatile features of clay brick use.

Think Brick is the leading representer of Australia’s clay brick and paver manufacturers. They aim to ensure, and are committed to promoting clay brick as a contemporary, versatile and inspiring building material.

Think Brick invites architects and students to enter the About Face Student competition and the Horbury Hunt Award celebrating conceptual design for architectural students and brick craftsmanship across the country.

2011 Houses Awards

The 2011 inaugural Houses Awards program presented by Houses magazine is now calling for entries from Australian and international design professionals working on an Australian project.

The inaugural Houses Awards program is a unique opportunity to celebrate Australian residential architecture [...] The peer- judged awards will recognize achievement through categories that reflect the way architects and designers are shaping Australian homes
Cameron Bruhn, Houses magazine Editorial Director

The categories include:
• New House under 200 sqm
• New House over 200 sqm
• House Alteration and Addition under 200 sqm
• Apartment, Unit, or Townhouse
• Outdoor
• Sustainability
• Australian House of the Year

If your looking for property for sale in Kent, check out Ward Homes

blog wunderlust : 28 March 2011

we need a way of allowing a higher degree of cultural promiscuity [...] inviting architects to operate across boundaries.
Bjarke Ingels

The Magnificence of Gothic Architecture | Tiny Houses of Japan: More with Less | AIA 2011 Housing Awardees | What is a Park - Landscape or Infrastructure? | weather architects and an artificial cloud designed to offer shade at Qatar's 2022 World Cup | Sales of luxe doomsday bunkers up 1,000% | spiderman to climb Burj Khalifa | New York by Gehry | Contested Ground | 19th century Jerusalem


final thoughts: Transforming a cement factory into an architecture office

March 27, 2011

9hours Hotel

The design of a new pod hotel in Kyoto, Japan

March 26, 2011

House of the week 108: Dorsey Residence

The 2800 ft2 Dorsey residence on Bainbridge Island, Washington was conceived by Seattle based architects Coates Design. The house with it's sterile entry facade opens to become warm and rich on the interior and lot face.

more houses by the architects

March 25, 2011

TED talks ::: Liz Diller

March 24, 2011

New Look...

As part of our 6 year anniversary celebrations and the milestone of over 1 million unique visitors served we've rolled out the new look architechnophilia. We are still ironing out the tweaks so bear with us.

Also look out for new features, as well as some specials, prizes and giveaways.

on the boards: K66 Šmartinska District

The K66 site is the first development of the Šmartinska masterplan in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The competition entry by architects Sadar + Vuga the design was intended to be a catalyst for the development, with a lively but sustainable form and a diverse environment. The near 90,000m2 mixed use scheme is spread over 17 floors and divided amongst two ribbon shaped buildings.

on the boards: Future Towers

Designed by MVRDV, the Future Towers in Pune, India is comprised of over 1000 apartments arranged along a hexagonal grid with nine raked roofed wings creating balconies and gardens. The scheme is also outfitted with a school and cinema, swimming pool, shops, bars and cafes. Construction has started and is expected to be completed in 2014.

March 22, 2011

new work ::: Chapman Graduate School of Business

Located on the FIU campus in Miami, Florida, the Chapman Graduate School of Business by architects KPF is a mixed-use academic facility combining faculty and administrative offices, conference rooms, a 300-seat auditorium, and two open public courtyards. The buildings totaling 92,000 ft2 are grouped in pairs for staff and students with the open spaces providing an informal & social link between them.

March 21, 2011

blog wunderlust : 21 March 2011

I think it's incredibly brave to be working with flowers and leaves and petals. But I have to: I can't edit the materials I work with. My remit is to work with nature as a whole.
Andy Goldsworthy

portraits of architecture | Where Children Sleep: A Diverse World of Homes | Fine art by Eric Marrian | the Geometry of Modern Architecture | Abu Dhabi Guggenheim Faces Protest | Sendai Mediatheque Shaking | Renaat Braem's collected work and Antwerp house | Was Frank Lloyd Wright's Visionary Architecture Sustainable?

March 20, 2011

27. A journey through contemporary architecture in Europe

27 The Project - Teaser
staying true to their investigative nature, Paris-based practice LAN architecture (Umberto Napolitano, Benoit Jallon) has undertaken an ambitious new project that will take them all over europe to chronicle the current status and the future trajectory of architecture in the diverse arena. produced in collaboration with FATCAT films (Pierre Zandrowicz) and french graphic designers undo-redo (Nicola Aguzzi, Teresa Gaspurutti),'27: a journey through contemporary architecture in europe' is a snapshot of the collective region, illustrating the directions and ideas of those who are shaping the built environment of tomorrow.

For more visit 27' the Project

March 18, 2011

Studio Banana Tv ::: Nieto | Sobejano

Studio Banana interviews the spanish architecture duo Nieto/ Sobejano about the San Telmo Museum Extension in san Sebastian, Spain. The Museum of San Telmo has endured a series of successive modifications over the years which has altered its physical and functional character. Its location on the fringe where the urban structure meets the topography of Monte Urgull is a reflection, on the other hand, of an urban problem very characteristic of San Sebastian: the solution of a division never completely solved between natural and artificial landscape.

March 17, 2011

house of the week 107: Ponce House

The Ponce House is a 570m2 reinforced concrete residence situated on an uneven slope with abundant vegetation, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Designed by architect Mathias Klotz, the house was conceived as two volumes floating over a concrete base positioned away from the roadway and making use the view beyond.

March 15, 2011

blog wunderlust : 14 March 2011

Normally architects render a service [...] they implement what other people want. This is not what I do. I like to develop the use of the building together with the client, in a process, so that as we go along we become more intelligent.
Peter Zumthor

Drawing like a house on fire | Is the next generation ready to build? | RIBA v Bieber and Barbie: the battle for architecture's future | Utopia's Ghost - a book review | Built High, Without the Line | The Ascension of Peter Zumthor | Removing art from its architectural context | 8 questions: Tom Kundig | Who will design our buildings in 2025?

[final thoughts]: humans are pedestrians by design

March 11, 2011

TED talks ::: John Hardy

for more about the green school

MY PLAYGROUND WS TRAILER from Objective Cinema on Vimeo.

Objective Cinema, a documentary website that streams rare and socially conscious films has teamed up with the editors of architechnophilia to present My Playground by film-maker Kaspar Astrup Schröder. The film, previously featured here, is about the bond between architecture and Parkour, considered the most dangerous sport in the world. The film is being streamed exclusively on Objective Cinema, and with architechnophilia are offering a special for the month to view it for only 99c. To watch follow the link and use the coupon code: 11mp993 to view this captivating documentary.

for more about Objective Cinema
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architecture et nourriture from oskar alegria on Vimeo.

A short video by Spanish film-maker Oskar Alegria about the parallelisms between architecture and cooking, shot in a new restaurant in Paris designed by the 2000 Pritzker prize awardee architect Rem Koolhaas.

[In French, no subtitles]

March 9, 2011

house of the week 106: Villa Darvishabad

The 240 m2 single-family weekend retreat, designed by architect Pouya Khazaeli Parsa, is located in the Darvishabad village, on the Caspian Sea. The house is a quirky adaptation of the tenants of a Corbusien modern architecture - raised on pilotis and twisted with an inverted glass roof to illuminate the interior.

March 8, 2011

new work ::: Guangzhou Opera House

photographs by Iwan Baan

The recently completed Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid, the architect’s first completed project in China. Shaped to resemble two pebbles on the bank of the Pearl River, the facility is comprised of a 1800 seat Grand Theatre equipped with the very latest acoustic technology and a 400-seat multi-functional hall at a combined cost of U$150 million.

[more images]

March 7, 2011

blog wunderlust : 7 March 2011

...regional without modern is reactionary, and modern without regional is insensitive, inappropriate.
Joseph Allen Stein

Very cool comforts against the Manitoba cold | Usonian Home Alabama | unique eco-friendly flooring options | World's most complex architecture: Cardboard Columns | baby Rems  | A 45-Story Walkup beckons the desperate | first BIM software released for iPad | Speculative Realism as “philosophy fiction” | Barbie architect |

March 4, 2011

visual poem

Sub City New York from sarah klein on Vimeo.
Unlike the images of the New York Subway you usually see – crowded, grungy, chaotic trains full of shovey people – this short film focuses on a more serene experience, focussing instead of the view as you emerge from the subway and find yourself in a new and unexpected world.

architecture in movies, a list from A to Z

The following is a list of films (A to Z, non-documentary) that feature noted architecture as the primary setting.

Aeon Flux (2005) ::: Baumschulenweg Crematorium by Schultes Frank Architects
Brainstorm (1983) ::: Burroughs Wellcome headquarters by Paul Roduloph
the Cell (2000) ::: Neuroscience Institute, California architect Tod Williams & Billie Tsien
Disappearance ::: Habitat 67, Montreal - architect Moshie Sadfie
Full Throttle (Charlie's Angels 2) (2003) ::: Sheats/Goldstein house by John Lautner
Gattaca (1997) ::: Marin Country Civic centre, California by architect Frank Lloyd Wright
The Heiress (1949) ::: Washington Square Park Arch by Standford White
the International (2009) ::: Guggenheim Museum, New York by architect Frank Lloyd Wright
Karate Kid III (1989) ::: Ennis House in Los Angeles, California by Frank Lloyd Wright
Le Mépris (1963) ::: Villa Malaparte by architect Adalberto Libera
Mission Impossible II (2000) ::: Sydney Opera House by Jørn Utzon
North by Northwest (1959) ::: A Frank Lloyd Wright-esque designed by Alfred Hitchcock's creative team
Orange County::: Diamond Ridge high school - architect Morphosis/ Thom Mayne
The Passenger (1975) ::: La Pedrera, Barcelona - by architect Antonio Gaudi
Quantum of Solace (James Bond 22) ::: Festival House Bregenz, Austria - architect Dietrich Untertrifaller and the ESO Paranal hotel, Chile by architects Auer and Weber
Robocop - Dallas City Hall by I.M Pei
Sleeper (1973) ::: the Sculptured house by Charles Deaton
Twilight (2008) ::: the Hoke house by Skylab
Venture Bros (cartoon) ::: a modelled version of the Storer House by Frank Lloyd Wright
World is Not Enough (James Bond 20) ::: Millennium dome, UK - architect Richard Rogers
Who am I? ::: Kubuswonig (Cubic houses), Rotterdam - architect Piet Blom
Zabriskie Point ::: Zabriskie Point house, Arizona - architect Paolo Soleri

for more on the topic

Your kind assistance is needed in finishing this list.

Studio Banana Tv ::: Christian Kerez

Studio Banana TV interviews Swiss architect Christian Kerez

March 3, 2011

on the boards: Museo Soumaya

The Museo Soumaya currently under the final phases of construction in Mexico City was designed by the architect Fernando Romero (FREE). Built to house a collection of international works dating from the 14th century, the Museo Soumaya was conceived as a sculptural building with the diversity of its collection reflected in the diversity of the plans - each level has its own dimension. Spread over six levels the 60,000 ft2 structure is constructed with 28 steel distinct curved columns, connected by diagonal rings giving the isometric figure.

on the boards: Steeles West Station

The proposal for the Steeles West Subway Station and Bus Terminal in Toronto, Canada by British architect Will Alsop (RMJM). The US $160m project incorporates cool and green roofs, LED lighting, and water-efficient plumbing fixtures and other sustainable elements. Completion is scheduled for 2015.

March 2, 2011

house of the week 105: Matryoshka

This small house in Maryland designed by architect David Jameson gets it's name from the series of spaces nestled one inside the other like a Matryoshka or Russian doll. At the core of the house is a meditation chamber suspended over the stairwell providing respite and a physical as well as spiritual centre to the house.

house of the week 137: Diamond Residence

Architects Terry & Terry have a designed a house in San Francisco sandwiched between two concrete walls. The spaces open to the exterior and are illuminated by gaps between the walls and large glazing on the opposing elevations. The shared language of simple materials and clean detailing throughout unifies the house creating a calmness within the urban setting.
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