April 28, 2006

Hong Kong Competition

Introducing an International Architectural design competition for the development of the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) part of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) of Hong Kong.

Deadline for Registration: 16 June 2006
Please visit here for more details

links recovered, thanks Andres


Worldview is an urban installation for tourists that enables them to record their experience with both an instant-print postcard and a video clip and look through realtime windows into public spaces in other cities. See this and more architecture meets performance at the Hague


I thought I would publish something for a little inspiration on making spaces with fresh air...you can thank the folks at treehugger in making more proactive in sustainability issues.

apartments in Guadeloupe

Interesting site featuring miniature cityscapes made from LEGO, via designboom

April 27, 2006

bad blogger

I've been out of commission the last couple days...short staffed at the moment; but managed to snap this...

the continued renovations to the Government Headquarters.

April 23, 2006

new ezine - Archfram

Presenting Archfarm, a publication about architecture focused on aspects that seldom have space in other communication channels. A place for critical thinking and the latest proposals on architecture and tangent issues. Archfarm is produced between Dublin and Madrid and is published as a collection of fascicles in pdf format that can be downloaded free of charge under a creative commons lincense. Its page composition allows for both screen reading and efficient printing-binding. The new website for Archfarm is available only in an english version with some structural improvements.

This issue features a new fascicle: Alfedo Puente, historian, interviews Sonia Cillari, artist. Her work breeds in architectural theory to build viewer-driven installations. One more new thing: there's a video in the fascicle, reproduced as video-streaming from their server.
Chicago Townhouse by Alexander Gorlin on Archidose

in a state of Flux

Flux Factory - a not for profit arts organization supporting innovation in things.

April 22, 2006

this both frightens me yet interests me...I really didn't think there were so many left over fuselages.

Proposed library in Guadalajara, Mexico by creative outfit LOT-EK

via treehugger

April 21, 2006

Design Within Reach features chairs by 2006 Pritzker Prize Winner, Paulo Mendes da Rocha

April 20, 2006

updates on BioClimatica2

return of the blog...Experientia - putting people first

and, lights that open and close like petals via design*sponge

April 18, 2006

Metropolis Magazine features two early education care facilities by Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen in Copenhagen, "stacking the interiors vertically onto a diminutive footprint...so as not to take light away from the neighbors".

Your Hidden City: Natural/Urban


below was my selection

April 17, 2006

I've been reading on performance art and these names came up, Guerilla Girls. Described as "fighting discrimination with facts, humour and fake fur."

April 15, 2006

Architectural Review: Browser

Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of their Internet selections nor their criticism, every now and then Sutherland Lyall of the Architectural Review gets it right - well at least the choice of websites. Last month's issue (March 2006) featured Inhabitat & EyeCandy.

Congratulations on the recognition guys...I'll toast to you.

April 13, 2006

Hidden Place - Density


the top image was my choice for the density category and the bottom was the collective choice. I felt the photograph, as it recessed into the perspective, revealed the nature of city life - congestion a trait shared by the collective choice. See more from the other members of the jury;

Lisa Chamberlain of Polis and who also covers real estate for the New York Times; Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG; Shawn Micallef of Toronto Psychogeography Society Blog; Miss Representation & Jimmy Stamp of Life Without Buildings

Architecture Conference

April 12, 2006

got to love those Latin-Modernists

Paulo Mendes da Rocha wins the
Pritzker Prize. This is the second award for an architect from Brazil (see previous posts on Niemeyer)

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...

honestly I'll try and send a decent post before the drinking begins

April 11, 2006

The jury has voted! Your Hidden City Best Density goes to Steph Goralnick's image "escalate". Juror Geoff Manaugh, of BLDGBLOG, interpreted density as "the light effects, where 'density' is interpreted as 'contradiction,' or multiple counter-motions in one frame."

Part of the open-source nature of this contest is that the other jurors may be posting their own winners. We were far from unanimous on our choices, and I invite you to discover the diversity of opinion by visiting the other jurors:

Lisa Chamberlain of Polis and who also covers real estate for the New York Times
David Cuthbert of architechnophilia
Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG
Shawn Micallef of Toronto Psychogeography Society Blog
Miss Representation
Jimmy Stamp of Life Without Buildings

April 10, 2006

Plymouth, Montserrat

The daily dose (archidose) has recently published "Alberto Burri's Cretto, a massive piece of land art that sits atop the ruined remains of Gibellina, a Sicilian town destroyed by earthquake in 1968," and began thinking if this would be the kind of strategy for the development of Plymouth, a town that met with a similar fate. Given that the area is still under threat of an active volcano, how can we conceptualise the space for future development as a space of memory?

April 9, 2006

roof 08.04

roof 08.04
Originally uploaded by architechnophilia.
Works to roof over the weekend. New sheeting, riveted and waterproofed.

April 8, 2006

This month's Dwell magazine featured "Aloft in the Forest," a house-cum loft by designers Stefan & Nicole Andren built in the woods of Oregon. See more at their website, Krownlab

April 6, 2006

Critical Regionalism - a review

Critical Regionalism remains the most fruitful formulation of Modernism intensifying the role of cultural practices involved in the making of architecture. After the 1960s, taking cues from the socio-political atmosphere, the notion became strongly aligned with environmental and social responsibilty. It implied an approach of design & construction that would impact the landscape & local culture as minimally as possible - yet still deepen andstrengthen the way we regard, experience and value them. The architects that have drove the development of this dynamic movement over the last three generations, are as follows (in alphabetical order - hence the A to Z)

Aalto, Alavo
Barragan, Luis & Bawa, Geoffery
Correa, Charles
Doshi, BV
Eldem, Sedad
Fathy, Hassan
Godsell, Sean
Harris, Harwell Hamilton
Jarmund/ Vigsnaes
Kalach & Alvarez
Le Corbusier
Murcutt, Glenn
Niemeyer, Oscar
O'Gorman, Juan
Prasad, Shiv Nath
Rewal, Raj
Siza, Alvara
Tavora, Fernando
Utzon, Jorn
Villanueva, Carlos Raul
Warchavchik, Gregori

the new [architectural] jargon

what do you call an addition that is three times the size of the original?

- domestic takeover

April 5, 2006

roof 01.04

roof 01.04
Originally uploaded by architechnophilia.
The roof sections are going to be welded out, and reinstated with sheets of galvanized. I am resisting the urge to go at the Jesse James style and have them return it stock.

interior 30.03

interior 30.03
Originally uploaded by architechnophilia.
We've ripped the bagass internal skin off with had been water damaged. One of the many problems associated with using prefabricated materials that have been sitting around for 10 years. I am beginning to question if "Pre-fab is [really] fab?

April 4, 2006

Z is for Zabludovsky

Convention Centre, Chiapas

Abraham Zabludovsky was highly influenced by the International style and demonstrated an impeccable handling of contemporary design, techniques and materials. Concerned with the craft of building, his aesthetic grew from the availability of stone, earth & clay is often reflective of the arid Mexican landscape.

April 3, 2006

on site

on site
Originally uploaded by architechnophilia.
Delivered and partial assembly..now the real work begins


off site
Originally uploaded by architechnophilia.
Not often do I get the chance to be both architect & builder, in the coming weeks I'll be showing a small coversion that melds insitu and a little prefabricated architecture. The building is a small conversion to house the government engineers. Here are the units being assembled off-site

April 2, 2006

W is for Warchavchik

Itapolis Residence, Sao Paulo

Gregori Warchavchik, a contemporary of Lucio Costo, built a variety of structures in Sao Paulo Brazil, in what was then the Latin interpretation of Modernity. Having been credited in constructing the first Modernist building in Brazil, the aesthetic of Warchavchik was born out of function, albeit what was en vogue. His work however breathed an understanding of the South American climate that was created by a social resistance and deemed vital for the movement's acceptance and development.

April 1, 2006

ARQUITECTUM: Venice 2006

This competition is open to professional architects worldwide, and concerns the creation of a new bridge that will replace the existing Academy Bridge. Not only will it serve as an axis connecting both sides of the canal and as entry portal to the Rio Alto, but it will also become a City Museum showcasing the history, tradition and architectural splendour of the city of Venice. For more information
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