December 31, 2010

Medellín Sports Arenas by Mazzanti Arquitectos and plan:b

Giancarlo Mazzanti, principal of Mazzanti Arquitectos, and plan:b arquitectos principal Felipe Mesa show us the Coliseums for the South American Games in Medellín, Colombia.

December 30, 2010

house of the week 97: glass townhouses

Glass townhouses are a pair of three-story townhouses built on a narrow parcel of land in Venice, California, divided vertically with no common walls. The 3,600 ft2 building designed by Sanders Architects features a façade constructed of a double covering of transparent panels and glass that bathes the interior in soft light.

December 27, 2010

blog wunderlust: 27 December 2010

The chief enemy of creativity is good sense
Pablo Picasso

Napoleon-proof your home | ARKit Prefab Eco-Homes sit light on the Earth | US architecture firms show highest billings since 2007 but Will we ever get out of this hole? | photos of the dive boards for Zaha's 2012 aquatic centre | Fumihiko Maki wins 2011 AIA Gold Medal Award | frozen architecture | Asian school with infill made of plastic bottles

December 23, 2010

on the boards: the Cornerstone

The Cornerstone is a proposed landmark in the city Vanløse, Denmark by JAJA Architects. Intended to give presence, the commercial building is sited at the intersection between the diverse and fragmented buildings in the town. The distinct form and position of the building is hoped when complete in 2012, to bring together to the disparate parts of the town.

December 22, 2010

house of the week 96: Rodríguez Harvey House

The Rodríguez Harvey House designed by architect Nicolas Loi is located in the arid Valparaíso Region of Chile. The 140 m2 house is broken into a series of timber and glazed boxes elegantly linked via a dark varnished pine walkway that wraps the south & western faces.

December 20, 2010

blog wunderlust : 20 December 2010

The walled city is an extension of our skins as much as houses and clothing
Lewis Mumford

Moore, Ruble & Yudell win Governor's Award for Design & Construction in Cayman | Robert A.M. Stern wins Driehaus Prize | Gaza repair strategies | UAE erects 11 million Christmas tree | Delays persist in EU accreditation for (Caribbean) Architects | free consultation: architect in the gallery | Oscar Niemeyer open museum at 103

December 17, 2010

Studio Banana Tv ::: Luisa Lambri

Studio Banana TV interviews Italian photographer Luisa Lambri who photographs houses, that stand in clear contrast to the established practice of architectural photography which has traditionally focused its attention on the exteriors of buildings.

TEDx talks ::: Dan Phillips

builder Dan Phillips, in this funny and insightful talk from TEDxHouston, shares the dozen houses he's built in Texas using recycled and reclaimed materials in wildly creative ways whilst questioning Maslow's hierarchy of needs

0300tv ::: Sou Fujimoto

Sou Fujimoto interview on

architects gift guide

With one week left for Christmas shopping are you wondering what to get the architect in your life? Or maybe your office has a secret Santa and you are seeking the perfect gift? Look no further. Here is the architechnophilia 2010 round up of the best gifts for the architecturally inclined.

The Marmol Radziner designed rings, bracelets and cuffs for women and men made from scrap strips of bronze 3/16 inch thick.
Price U$70 - $250

a donation to Architecture for Humanity
Price U$25 - $1500

The Architect by Charles Bancroft. A candid, controversial and eyebrow raising perspective of the profession and it's many characters.
Price: $12.50 (ebook)

Archinect Robot tees (black, of course)
Price U$25

LEGO Willis Tower. Sets of our favourite buildings the list includes many iconic buildings of the modern era.
Price: U$20 - $100
DIY messenger bag links such as this one show you can make your own bag out of just about anything using readily available templates online. Cheap, thoughtful and sustainable.
Price: pennies

December 16, 2010

on the boards: 42 Social Housing

A proposal for social housing in Son Servera, Spain by Peris-Toral Architects. The sloping tiled roofs and projecting sandstone walls attempt to make a contextual dialogue without cheapened replication. The apartments were a recent entry in the Total Housing competition hosted by Architizer, Storefront for Art & Architecture and Actar Publishing.

December 15, 2010

house of the week 95: House for a Photographer

A clean and minimalist weekend house for a photographer that was designed by his brother architect Carlos Ferrater. The house consists of 3 one-room units located on a long site among a palm grove facing the sea in Alcanar, Spain. The play on volumes recalls a cubist composition by Pablo Picasso that was painted in a nearby community and was further influenced by the conditions of the landscape, the construction and to the light that creates a series of small courts amongst the forms.

December 13, 2010

blog wunderlust : 13 November 2010

Interstitial spaces and landscape are what define tropical architecture [...] to create harmony, not the perfection that modernism craves so much
Joe Osae-Addo

Design for acrimony | to hire an architect or not? | Robin Hood Gardens: don't knock it… down | closed city | harmony through discord | clock for an architect or a watch? | Beijing architect lives in egg-shaped house on sidewalk | Starck in India | designers' diaries | The 10 Best Works of Architecture in 2010 | Santa's workshop

Also be sure to look at holiday gifts for architects

December 11, 2010

who needs acid...

for the rest of the post on the Gizmodo

December 10, 2010

Desmoulin - Conservatoire Léo Delibes
Uploaded by 11h45. - Watch original web videos.
The last winner of the Équerre d'Argent, the prestigious French architecture prize: Bernard Desmoulin's work in Clichy-la-Garenne

December 9, 2010

on the boards: Y towers

Located in Ashrafieh, Beirut the Y towers by Paul Kaloustian Architects is made up of two buildings, one for commerce the other comprised of residences. The casual stacking of the floors is a sculptural effect intended to break up the mass of the proposed buildings.

December 8, 2010

house of the week 94: Lembah Kemang townhouses

Designed by Aboday architects the five, three story townhouses are located on a small 2400 m2 lot in southern Jakarta, Indonesia. The massing of the units are oriented to maximize the view and open the townhouses to a spectacular view of Kemang Valley. The contrast of natural finishes against concrete and steel, seen in the details of the screen and overhang, help to define the identity of the townhouses as tropical modern buildings.

December 7, 2010

Interiors : OSB Office

Mode:lina have recently completed their own offices housed in a basement in Poznan, Poland. The design employs otherwise cheap materials in a new and elegant way; oriented strand boards (osb) lacquered to create a seamless transition from the floor to the furniture, and lighting made from fluorescent tubes with metal profiling typically used for gypsum cardboard wall systems.

December 6, 2010

blog wunderlust : 06 December 2010

An architect is a builder employing the process of art
Charles Greene

Bridge School in Xiashi, China, by Atelier Li Xiaodong

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December 5, 2010

Haiti Ideas Challenge

The 2010 earthquake worsened an already fractured social, economic and ecological condition in Haiti. The challenges in rebuilding are many, but with it comes the opportunity to propose new ideas. This ideas competition seeks to collect design proposals of varying scales aimed at addressing complex problems.

December 3, 2010

Studio Banana Tv ::: Tony Fretton

Studio Banana TV interviews British architect Tony Fretton, principal of Tony Fretton Architects.

Utopia London

Utopia London is a feature length documentary about a group of young idealist architects at end of World War II when London was in ruins and who were united around a vision of a better future.

December 1, 2010

house of the week 93: Casa Cubo

Designed by Mexican practice Aquitectura en Movimiento, the house Casa Cubo both conceals and reveals itself from it's zero lot sub-urban context with volumes that protrude in the form of the timber clad cantilever and retract like the two story courtyard in the centre of the property.
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