August 30, 2005


New Programme on HGTv(Home & Garden Television) called Offbeat America
It’s about people that have built or created wacky, unusual, off-the-beaten path homes and/or gardens (HGTV, Sundays at 6pm EST). For example, one show included a couple that lived in a cave for 25 years, a woman who took two years to bead the interior of her home solely with mardi gras beads, and a man with three lush tree-homes that he called “Mind,” “Spirit,” and “Body.”

And now for somethig completely different

A Berlin opera house is encouraging audience members to smoke joints during performances of its coming production "The Oriental Princess" to enhance the psychedelic experience of Saint-Saens' drug opera.

Glocksin maintains that the opera experience will be "improved with a few joints" while the opera house asserts that artistic license will protect it from drug laws.

The opera tells the story of Kornélis, a man in love with a portrait of a Japanese princess. Under the sway of a hallucinogenic potion which he believes will unite him with the object of his infatuation, he confuses the portrait with his own fiancée.

In other news Jean Nouvel aka Dr. Evil has recently won a competition with Christian de Portzamparc and Dilme-Fabre have been chosen to design the new theatre centre and master plan for the Théâtre de l’Archipel in Perpignan.

August 29, 2005

Messana O’Rorke Architects is a genuine creative force. Through visual and spatial design MOA creates and executes comprehensive image and presence with essential impact. The firm combines architectural, graphic, furniture and product design, as the basis of an unlimited creative process - directing a team of professionals and talented individuals to focus their expertise and imaginations into realizing the specific aspirations of our clients.

August 28, 2005

Vancouver comes alive

You've seen the images,

its the work of these Tokyo bad boys Matsuokasatoshitamurayuki
Manuel Herz shares Libeskind's radicalism and knows that pleasing everyone is the route to mediocrity.

'If I only received positive feedback, something would be wrong. When someone is against it, at least they have considered architecture.'

The University College of the Caribbean (UCC) is to pay US$4.2 million for 105 acres of land in Portmore, Jamaica for land to expand their growing educational campus with a means to consolidate its operations.

UCC is to build houses for students, offices and lecture theatres on the new campus.

I wonder if its time for expressions of interest.

In other notes - they officially opened the Montserrat Community College this evening

more from Holl

More on Steven Holl's Sail Hybrid in Knokke-Heist, Belgium

as previously mentioned see fetish archives

new architecture blog

A former school mate now studying in Mexico has just set up her blog. Check it out Wind and Architecture

August 27, 2005

LA Exhibition & Discussion

Materials & Applications kicks off a series of open-air discussions on
design, technology and culture in a "show & tell" format at the
courtyard exhibition space at 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard in Los Angeles. The
series begins Tuesday, September 6th and runs through November.

M&A is a non-profit organization that conducts architecture and landscape
research in an environment open to all.

More information is available on the M&A website

August 26, 2005

"It's not enough for a modern building to be something and do something. It must also say something."
Lewis Mumford

it defines us

As architects our work defines more ways than we care to admit

see more from Louis Hellman

August 25, 2005

boxes and melons collide

Griffin Enright Architects

Not much built work on the site, but the work is exciting

“touch the ground lightly”

We’ve become used to very compact conditions...the way you feel in a plane — it’s a cocooned environment and you are pretty much in control of everything around you.” Richard Horden, Horden Cherry Lee Architects

Once Horden had refined his idea, he asked his architecture students at both the Technical University of Munich and the Tokyo Institute of Technology to produce designs for a 2.65m cubed living space. The solution that emerged was the Micro-Compact Home (m-ch) — a lightweight, transportable minimal dwelling that can be adapted to various locations, and a prototype has now been built.

more on bd

August 24, 2005

Archidose reporting on the construction of Peter Eisenman's City of Culture of Galacia

This one has been on the drawing boards for years I think this project was first featured in one of his many monographs, diagram diaries almost 10 years ago.


An international award-winning, innovative, design oriented architectural firm is seeking the following to join our team:

• We are interested in people with the enthusiasm and flair for creative and conscientious design with excellent communication, technical and organizational skills who would actively contribute to the work of our design team.
•You will be involved in a number of projects developing designs, running job sites and working closely with clients. We are looking for designers with good graphic talents who care about the waybuildings are designed.

• Registered architect preferred but will consider senior level architectural designer
• Minimum of two (2) years experience
• Proficiently skilled in ARCHICAD software
• A strong eye for design
• Commitment and a great attitude!

Serious enquiries only please send your CV indicating the position ofinterest along with 4 samples of work and 2 references or fax no. (868) 621-1078 by Friday August 26, 2005

What's inside

"On April 24, 2005, Heavy Trash volunteers deposited bright orange viewing platforms in front of three Los Angeles gated communities; Brentwood Circle, Park La Brea and Laughlin Park ... Like the historic viewing platforms at the Berlin Wall that allowed Westerners to see into East Berlin, the Heavy Trash viewing platforms call attention to the walls of gated communities and provide visual access to parts of the city that have been cut off from the public domain."

There is something here...well worth looking into (no pun) for Jamaica which is being over run by gated developments due to security concerns and indirectly perpetuating the cycle.

August 23, 2005

Emancipation Park, Jamaica

Emancipation Statue by Laura Facey Cooper (less the hype and controversy)

Walking trail (going in the wrong direction of course)

Approach from the new Jamaica Golf Academy

New Kingston's Emancipation Park (Architect Kamau Kambui) built in the heart of the capital's Central Business District, amongst 1960's built (and new world styled interiors) Hotels and Apartments.


You could be forgiven for thinking so, but no, it's Alford Hall Monaghan Morris

Cape Wind Associates has proposed the development of America’s first offshore wind farm, 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound, intended to supply 70% of Cape Cod and the Islands with clean and renewable power.

August 22, 2005

Stirling Prize - 2005

Lewis Gluckman Gallery in Ireland by O'Donnell & Tuomey, one of the RIBA Stirling Prize winners for 2005

more from the guardian

New Era

"What a difference a roof makes!"
...just came back from Jamaica, and have noticed a significant change in the "look" of affordable housing. The so-called Low-Income housing - that rarely ever is has been rebranded to be more visually appearing. Most of this has been courtesy of the New Era Homes contractors/developers. See previous posts for more.

Watch this space for more images.

August 21, 2005

its what's on the surface...

Surface Architects presents this broken and misformed box as an addition to the Lockeeper's Cottage at Queen Mary's College in Mile End, London

Nobel acts

David Adjaye's recently completed Nobel Peace Centre in Norway's capital, Oslo. At £14.5 million, the centre is to act as a permanent museum of the Nobel Peace Prize. The image shows the Café de la Paix" restaurant with the intense green patterned walls where Adjaye collaborated with Turner Prize winner Chris Offfili.

more at gabion

August 18, 2005

from Africa

It stands for ‘African Architecture’ started by a group of Dutch architects who decided to establish ArchiAfrika on their return from Africa, after years of work and life on that continent. They realised that African Architecture is relatively unknown in the (western) world.

This lack of attention cannot be explained by a poor performance of African Architecture. Strange as it may seem, African Architecture has not profited from the recently increasing global attention for other African arts: music, literature, painting, sculpture and dance.

August 15, 2005

August 14, 2005

"Architects are the moderators between the objective world of building and the poetic world of living" - Owen Rose

August 13, 2005

Elenberg Fraser

August 11, 2005

Jamaica Post

Architechnophilia aka the architectural fetish will be coming live from Jamaica from the 12th to 21st August. I'm on vacation and will be posting stuff from ya'ad!

If anyone has any requests of architecturally related posts from Jamaica, feel free to drop a post and let me know.


- mad

August 10, 2005

It was recently announced that Steven Holl Architects has been selected to rebuild, restore, and transform the Albert Place Casino (designed in 1930 by the Belgian modernist architect Leon Stynen). The thin profile of the sail-like tower provides all residential apartments and hotel rooms with sea views without blocking views of existing, adjacent residential buildings.

The competition-winning design was inspired by the Rene Magritte mural, “The Ship Which Tells the Story to the Mermaid,” one of eight original surrealist masterpieces commissioned for the Casino in 1953.

“The idea is to get these four practices, and perhaps some others, together to promote the idea of Englishness, to ask what English design is today,” Alsop explained.

I know the story is bullshit and is nothing more than pub truth, but I felt strongly about the "search of collective expression" something design professionals in the Caribbean have been rambling about for ages. However it is only recently that this has taken any measure with the advent of the Caribbean Architect (architectural journal) and the conferences endorsed by the regions' architectural associations.

August 9, 2005


Originally uploaded by flakey.
The house is an example of 'total architecture' in which Loius Caillat carried the inherent style to the built in furniture integral to the walls.

Maison Monplaisr

over the wall
Originally uploaded by flakey.
The Maison Monplaisr built between 1946 - 1950 constitutes the 'chef d'oevre' of the modernistic architect loius caillat (1901 - 2002). The architectural composition is organized around two vertical cylinders and the horizontal drapes of the monumental brise-soleil of each floor, also playing the part of air deflectors. The entry porch of the property evokes the the 'solar bird' (1944-46) by Juan Miro.


design-build practice out of Michigan, PLY Architecture.

August 8, 2005

weekend post

made-nyc; part design firm, part fabrication workshop, part contractors

make; Ken Shuttleworth (former Foster prodigy) and friends

sometimes I make mistakes, sorry

Design like you give a Damn!

"The New York firm I-Beam conceived a house of recycled wooden pallets, which are widely used in transporting food aid. To test the materials, the architects erected a trial house in the South Bronx. The structure held up fine overnight. The next day, squatters moved in. Shortly thereafter, authorities dismantled it, but the designers were confident."

Article on Cameron Sinclair and Architecture for Humanity

Architecture for Humanity has also been involved in hurricane relief, particularly in Grenada where the island was hit by successive hurricanes. Relief units suitable for use as temporary homes and rural clinics were recently shipped to assist in the 85% loss of housing stock. The units, known as Global Village Shelters, are made from recycled corrugated cardboard impregnated to be fire retardant and laminated for water resistance.

August 7, 2005

its box-tastic

This is seriously box-tastic but the work is amazing.

Aidlin Darling Design multi discipline firm in San Francisco doing architecture, interiors and furniture

August 5, 2005


Multi discipline practice (product, fashion, architecture & media) in the Netherlands

August 4, 2005

"Alberto Kalach is still a young architect. I met him nine years ago, in 1989, when we asked him to do two perspectives....Alberto is rebellious, provocative, and profoundly creative- talking.."

with an introduction like that how could I not post it.

"architecture is the ultimate erotic art, carry it to excess"

just saw this here sribbled on a wall- its a real hoot.

New Era given the nod

New housing development New Era Homes, in the plains of St. Catherine, Jamaica, given final nod after concerns raised over possible effluent infiltation in the communities water source.

In other news, contracts have been signed to begin construction of the first new hospital Portmore, satisfying the needs of the fasted growing community on the island. Development to be to be undertaken by a design-build contractor, CayJam - Cayman based outfit who it to retain bulk ownership of the facility for 20 years.

more here via Jamaica Observer & Sangsters Realty

Call for Papers - AXIS no.9

The journal of the Caribbean School of Architecture - axis - invites submissions of Abstracts, images, and other Visual Material in support of original works of research that interrogate the domain of architectural education in the 21st century.

What is the role of the architectural models of the 20th centruy in a world of increasingly ambiguous geographic boundaries supported by mobile systems of communication, trade and the seduction of surface? What structures the quality of space and community, the valeue of place?

We encourage a critical inquiry of methods, materials and tolls that evaluate theory and the production space.

Abstracts are to be of a 300 word limit and research papers 3000-6000 words, double spaced.

Please send submissions to the attention of the editor at

Works are reviewed by an editorial committee, provisionally accepted and follow a Blind Review process for recommendations. Revised works are forward to the editor for final acceptance.

August 3, 2005

things of a modern life

Your ubermodern office or home is not complete without equally styled STUFF

check these for your fancy

Anne Black - a Danish company wooing international clientele with their handmade ceramics

Chatchada - (pronounced by inserting ‘t’ and ‘da’ into ‘cha cha’) a partnership of design architects, combining diverse cultural aesthetic sensibilities to present an uncommon collection

Orange22 - a design lab with collections on the threshold of innovation with designers including Jasper Morrison, Karim Rashid, Mark Newson among others.

Electronic Preservation

Grand-Hornu is an old industrial mining complex - a remarkable reminder of the Industrial Revolution. Built between 1810 and 1830 by Henri De Gorge, a captain of industry of French origin, it is a real urban project, an example of functional town-planning unique on the European continent at the start of the great era of industrialisation.

This is completely adgainst my general sensibilities, however I still thought it was worthy to share .

All the rage

We know them, we love them, we wish to understand them - MVRDV

that container city vid is some trippy shit!

I hope that is sensual enough for you!

Something a little more sensual

Andreescu & Gaivoronski Associated Architects

check both navigations - rather interesting. Make sure and turn the volume on the computer way up (trench coat too if you have it)
I wonder if Oana.S knows these guys?
link via TAXI
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