August 8, 2005

Design like you give a Damn!

"The New York firm I-Beam conceived a house of recycled wooden pallets, which are widely used in transporting food aid. To test the materials, the architects erected a trial house in the South Bronx. The structure held up fine overnight. The next day, squatters moved in. Shortly thereafter, authorities dismantled it, but the designers were confident."

Article on Cameron Sinclair and Architecture for Humanity

Architecture for Humanity has also been involved in hurricane relief, particularly in Grenada where the island was hit by successive hurricanes. Relief units suitable for use as temporary homes and rural clinics were recently shipped to assist in the 85% loss of housing stock. The units, known as Global Village Shelters, are made from recycled corrugated cardboard impregnated to be fire retardant and laminated for water resistance.

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