August 4, 2005

Call for Papers - AXIS no.9

The journal of the Caribbean School of Architecture - axis - invites submissions of Abstracts, images, and other Visual Material in support of original works of research that interrogate the domain of architectural education in the 21st century.

What is the role of the architectural models of the 20th centruy in a world of increasingly ambiguous geographic boundaries supported by mobile systems of communication, trade and the seduction of surface? What structures the quality of space and community, the valeue of place?

We encourage a critical inquiry of methods, materials and tolls that evaluate theory and the production space.

Abstracts are to be of a 300 word limit and research papers 3000-6000 words, double spaced.

Please send submissions to the attention of the editor at

Works are reviewed by an editorial committee, provisionally accepted and follow a Blind Review process for recommendations. Revised works are forward to the editor for final acceptance.

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