August 23, 2005

Emancipation Park, Jamaica

Emancipation Statue by Laura Facey Cooper (less the hype and controversy)

Walking trail (going in the wrong direction of course)

Approach from the new Jamaica Golf Academy

New Kingston's Emancipation Park (Architect Kamau Kambui) built in the heart of the capital's Central Business District, amongst 1960's built (and new world styled interiors) Hotels and Apartments.


Unknown said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.The park.

Nordia said...

The park is beautiful. I am a Jamaica n living here for twenty years now and went there last week for the first time.It was for a project i had.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that a facility such as this Park is available to the people of Kingston, Jamaica. Unfortunately, sections of the population do not fully appreciate such facilities.

I hope that maintenance WILL be in place for as long as the Park is "alive" to the public.

It MUST NOT end up like the Park in Half Way Tree; Down Town (St. William Grant)and the Ward Theatre.

Submitted by Cleve

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