September 20, 2012

House of the Week - retrospective

This is the third retrospective of the House of Week category. You can find the first covering numbers 1-49, and the second covering numbers 50-100. There are some obvious exceptions (which shows I can't count very well) but I intend to fill them... I promise. Enjoy

151: Itiquira House Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
150: Sunset Vale, Singapore
149: West Edge House, Réunion Island, Indian Ocean
148: Catch the View House, Bumi Serpong Damai, Indonesia
147: Hijuan House, Kuala Lumpur
146: Bonaire House, Bonaire
145: Manhattan Beach House, Manhattan Beach
144: Prospect, La Jolla, California
143: Mop House, Al-Nuzha,Kuwait
142: Corallo House, Santa Rosalia, Guatemala
141: Lakeshore View House, Sentosa Cove, Singapore
140: Two Hulls House, Port Mouton, Nova Scotia, Canada
139: House in Mallorca, Mallorca
138: Mt Martha House, Australia
137: Diamond Residence, San Francisco
136: Palms Residence, Venice, California
135: Cliff House, Gig Harbour, Washington
134: Villa Shoestring, Gibbs Beach, Barbados
133: Cove Way, Sentosa Island, Singapore
132: Casa Paredes Tres Ocho, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Mexico
131: El Secreto, Mexico
130: Solid & Voids, Filothei, Athens
129: Travertine Dream House, Serangoon, Singapore
128: 25th Street Residence, Santa Monica, California
127: Stacked House,
126: Summer House in Menorca, Spain
125: Villa Grand Cayman, Grand Cayman
124: Brown Residence, Scottsdale, Arizona
123: Laurel Residence, Houston, Texas
122: Casa HG, Zapopan, Mexico
121: K3 House, Sydney, Australia
120: Useche Residence, São Paulo, Brazil
119: Containers of Hope, San Jose, Costa Rica
118: Small House, Dry Creek Valley, California
117: Palácio da Alvorada, Brasilia, Brazil
116: Goulding Summerhouse, Enniskerry, Ireland
115: House on Kona, Hawaii
114: Suncrest Residence, San Juan Island, US/Canadian border
113: Casa em Guarujá, Sao Paulo, Brazil
112: Wall House, Auroville, India
111: Villa in Szentendre, Szentendre, Hungary
110: Arthur Casa, São Paulo, Brazil
109: Waikopua, New Zealand
108: Dorsey Residence, Bainbridge Island, Washington
107: Ponce House, Buenos Aires, Argentina
106: Villa Darvishabad, Caspian Sea
105: Matryoshka, Maryland
104: Villa K, Tagadert Berber, Marrakesh
103: Villa K, Nagano, Japan
102: Forest Guard's House, Varberg, Sweden
101: Wood Box House, West Java, Indonesia

We are still seeking suggestions for the next 50 especially from cities & countries not listed and works considered relevant to the tropics.

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