May 6, 2009

School and Classroom Design Symposium

The Education Discussion Group is hosting a symposium on the topic of school and classroom design as well as its impact on teaching and learning. Literature and policy documents on education and training are replete with indicators that speak of the ‘interactive, experiential, and dynamic’ climate of schools of the future and the symposium aims to grapple with school design issues through the lens of hypothetical scenarios that are reflective of real-world strengths and weaknesses.

The Education Discussion Group (EDG) is a 25 member, voluntary non-profit organization started in 2004 that shares a common interest in the furthering of education and training in Trinidad and Tobago.

date: Thursday May 14, 2009
venue: School of Education, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad
programme: keynote speaker to be announced

1 comment:

Thalia in Jamaica said...

Where can I find a review of this symposium?

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