May 5, 2009


David Adjaye: Houses; Recycling, Reconfiguring, Rebuilding
Peter Allison & David Adjaye
Thames & Hudson (2005)
Rating: 5 stars

David Adjaye Houses: recycling, reconfiguring, rebuilding exhibits the overt of a blossuming architecture practice. The book is prefaced by "Negotiating Architecture" an original work written by post-colonial writer Stuart Hall as an integral presentation to this monograph of houses. The houses, nearly all in London, are mostly about their interiors, shown in a play of materials. The publishers, Thames & Hudson, took Adjaye's use of material a step further mimicking the look and feel of the facade of the Elektra house on the book's jacket. The dozen or so works in the book are punctuated by drawings and writings by Deyan Sudjic and Caroline Roux, as well as details that seek to capture the ethos of the relationship between space & form, information versus drama.

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