August 21, 2012

New Work: Church of Seed

Located in the Luofu Mountains - one seven famous Taoist Mountains in China is the Church of Seed designed by architects O Studio. This small church was conceived to widen the spectrum of religious culture for the adjoining villages. The 280m2 and can accommodate 60 people and is designed around the metaphorical element of the seed as referred to in the Gospel. This is manifested by a curved line that outlines a seed and marks the enclosing wall element, that is then split into three to form the entries. The raw, non-decorative finish of the in-situ concrete was created by bamboo formwork.



Alliandre said...

Very nice, it reminds me of the modern church in Premadio, near Bormio, Italy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they got their inspiration from Jorn Utzon as well as a "seed".

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