August 6, 2012

blog wunderlust: 6th August 2012

Architecture ‘teaches.’ A planned city, a monument, or even a simple dwelling can be a symbol of the cosmos
Yi-Fu Tuan,
Space and Place p. 102

architect designed necklace | Can I build a natural Passivhaus? | finalists for the ONE PRIZE 2012 | CAD versus Sketching, Why Ask? | The Snoozebox Portable Hotel | Bringing Architectural Ghosts Back To Life, In Knoxville | A Robotic 3D Printer That Uses Sand To Produce Sculptures | 104-Year-Old Architect, Oscar Niemeyer Releases 3D Photos of Iconic Work | The Olympian Architects T-shirt [protest]

last word: Q&A with Diana Balmori

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Unknown said...

great blog:)loved going through!!!!:)want that shirt:)

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