July 9, 2012

Blog Wunderlust : 9th July 2012

The comfort of a dwelling lies in its complete control of space, climate, light, mood, within its confines.
R. M. Schindler

Mom, Dad, This Playground’s for You | Urban planner Dr James Armstrong: Port-of-Spain is underdeveloped | Architects want Denver library torn down | Creative Reuse Transforms Asheville Community | Aesthetics/Anesthetics | Bucky on Film | Bogotá, With Pockets of Hope in Recent Architecture | Four Freedoms Park Designed by Louis I. Kahn to Open This Fall on Roosevelt Island | How architecture can change lives | From steeples to domes, architecture reflects religious diversity | An architect steers an unlikely course

last word: Let Them Have Architecture! Dame Zaha Hadid Calls for Better Buildings During Periods of Austerity

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