May 1, 2012

New Work ::: Richardson Apartments

photos (c) Bruce Damonte

The Richardson apartments in San Francisco were named in honour of political & civil activists Drs. Julian + Raye Richardson and provides supportive housing to 120 formerly homeless persons. Designed by architects David Baker + Partners the affordable housing apartments sit on a corner lot on Fulton Street and presents a fresh face to the neighborhood with shiny metal, stucco, and reclaimed lumber. Sunshades on the West and South faces provide solar protection as well add architectural interest. Transparent planes on the ground floor bring light, depth, security, and visual connection to the courtyard and over 7,500 ft2 shared spaces. The green roof provides stormwater management, and the rooftop garden allow residents to grow their own food. The living units satisfy universal design practices and feature a medical suite providing on-site care and counseling.


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