April 16, 2012

blog wunderlust : 16th April 2012

A building can be designed to satisfy 'by the month' with the regularity of a provider. Or it can give satisfaction 'by the moment,' with the thrill of a lover
Richard Neutra

Greg Knobloch designs a prison for urban environments | 5 Simple ways to travel like an Architect | New Ferrari Museum Looks Like The Hood Of A Hot Car | earth "lego" blocks | A flexible city of strangers | Walk the green carpet | World’s First ‘Lickable’ Elevator | grow your own furniture | The Truth About “House Hunters” | The Architect and the Urn | Is There Zambian Architecture? | How buildings could come to life [video]

last word: Syracuse University Library Prepares to Launch Marcel Breuer Digital Archive

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Como mola!!!, muy llamativo!

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