March 19, 2012

blog wunderlust : 19th March 2012

Architecture, however complex and subtle it may be in its more sophisticated forms, can begin with something as simple as sitting on a sand-dune looking out to sea.
Simon Unwin

'Postcards From the Architect', An Architect's Take On Famous Landmarks | An architect's hat trick | if a man tells you his favorite book is The Fountainhead, run away | Critics' reactions to London's new bus | Alvaro Siza in Machu Picchu | New Digicel Building Downtown Kingston – A Catalyst for Development? | Moleskine Inspiration & Process in Architecture Series | Tom Kundig on the Frey House II | The Shapes of Hardcore Architecture | Visions for the Last Section of the High Line | Boldface Buildings in the Cold Light of Now

Last Word: Don't forget the FUN in function

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