January 16, 2012

blog wunderlust: 16th January 2012

Supply and demand regulate architectural form
Adolf Loos 

 Local architects are incapacitated | Modern dollhouse furniture | Architecture: Reading between the Lines | Fairy Tales Seen Through the Lens of Architecture | Choose the most beautiful building in Boston | Beautiful Brutalism versus Art Deco | 1,000 Door Building in South Korea | Fictional Landscapes | USGBC/AIA announce Architecture for Humanity Sustainability Design Fellow | Push for greener, leafier spaces on Parisian roofs | Food Meets Architecture at the James Beard Awards

Last word: Hunters and gatherers - a review of the Glenn Murcutt Masterclass


Rickey said...

The picture also very nice, but the beauty is emerged due to the background. Nice Taste.

Matt said...

the church looks like it was from another dimension. amazing atmosphere.

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