December 20, 2011

SPARK Digital Media, the first publisher for Tablets specializing in Architecture and Design was recently launched between Portugal and Brasil. The primary goal is to publish authors, projects and works that are making a positive and innovative contribution to the fields of architecture and design. The first publication, NEW EXPRESSION On Housing is available at the App Store

Featured Projects, Texts and Architects:
Snow House, Emilio Marín
Looking for an Architecture of Open and Sensible Systems, Emilio Marín
Casa S.E.R., Nadir Bonaccorso
Casas Sustentáveis, B(A)ª Balthazar Aroso
Carlos Pedro Sant’Ana, Balthazar Aroso and Ivo Sales Costa talk On Housing
e_Exterior house, MODOSTUDIO + AtenaStudio
Allandale House, WORJ
Casa Umbraculo, Laboratorio de Arquitectura / Javier Corvalan
Hometta House, WEATHERS
House in Heat, Frohn&Rojas Architects
WALL House, Frohn&Rojas Architects
Mountain Research, General Design

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