November 7, 2011

blog wunderlust : 7th November 2011

Drawing is a tool that helps me design and then build. For me, it is a way to test an idea or prove a point, to make the unclear clear, and to move the internal (subjective) to the external (objective).
Ann Armstrong

Cuba legalizes sale, purchase of private property | if architects... | Habitat for Humanity & the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter to build 100 homes in Haiti | House in Horinouchi, Japan by Mizuishi Architect Atelier | Built-in Obsolescence | Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation rebuilds, seeks CEO | What did you want to be when you grew up? | Getting an architecture degree is expensive. Is it worth it in a recession? | The Pritzker Prize is headed to China | archi-kids

last word: Interviews with 4 Irish Female Architects Shaping the Future of architectural practice.

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