November 21, 2011

blog wunderlust : 21st November 2011

A lot of the best design is generated when you have significant constraints
Andreas Stavropoulous

Architecture- A Profession at War With Itself | Ingenious Remodeling of 1960s London House Wins 2011 RIBA Manser Medal | Newspaper Vendor To Architect | Jeppe Utzon creates thoughtful designs in Denmark | Toronto's glass condos face short lifespan | The Future is Now – A Letter to Arup | Americans Are Now Living In a Society That Rivals Orwell’s 1984 | Affordable Housing That Doesn't Scream 'Affordable' | Cleveland's New Deal-Era Public Housing Posters |

last word: Jamaica Has Many Architects, But They're Unrecognised

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Architects Birmingham said...

I am loving this fantastic!

I agree Jamaican architecture is not appreciated enough esp within the UK. Particular favourite Is the Georgian buildings in the Falmouth Historic District. I saw a large collection small houses known for their unique gingerbread fretwork and jalousie windows, major merchant and planter complexes, and commercial buildings, all dating from 18th centrury.

I am due to be going Trinidad would love to share photos?

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