October 7, 2011

logo competition

Architechnophilia is seeking a creative new logo design. The ideal logo should that embody the idea and mantra that "Architecture is a beautiful thing to love, and an even better thing to share."

The logo must be designed primarily for screen use (Internet, TV, video etc) however it should be easily transferrable on print on newspapers, magazines, letterheads or various promotional items (pencils, caps, etc).

The logo can be graphic or text-based or any combination of these and other graphic formats. It must be easily recognizable and any text should be easy to read. The design must be able to be printed in black & white or colour (if applicable). And the size must be adjustable from very small to large.

The designer of the winning entry will be receive 100 business cards courtesy of MOO, makers of premium postcards and business cards. Winners will also receive a showcase business card holder perfect for storing and displaying your cards.

Submissions are due at midnight 4th November 2011 and must be uploaded to the flickr page. Participants can submit a maximum of 3 works.


Anonymous said...


More Valuable Than That said...


This is pretty shameless...

Anonymous said...

It is hard to submit suggestions until 4th November, if you closed the group on 14th October.

Not only are you asking for spec work, not only have you put the offer on display and then removed it (as someone pointed out in one of the comments below), but you are obviously also changing rules as you go. Not a very serious approach to all this and thus not a very appealing client.

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