September 22, 2011

On the Boards: RIBA pylon competition

Proposal by Amanda Levete Architects one of six competition finalists, including Ian Ritchie Architects, Gustafson Porter, Knight Architects, Newtown Studio and Bystrup to redesign the electricity pylons that run throughout much of the British countryside. via

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Colin O’Donoghue said...

“As a linesman, how the hell are we supposed to gain access to the conductors?” That’s what Daniel Rollinson has to say about the Riba Pylon competition finalists. Some you can get to but this one you can’t without a helicopter or crane.

I was delighted to be informed by RIBA that my Rebel-Relic Pylosaur pylon was the runner up to the six finalists. I was also at the presentation at the V&A. My vote goes to the T pylon, it is as minimal as can be, practical, half the price of a regular pylon and is the only pylon created by specialist pylon designers. They are Danish and fun guys, they deserve to win. I was commissioned to design a clock for Lego so I love Denmark. The worst you can say is it’s dull but who cares, it's a pylon not a diamond ring. However the T Pylon does lack maintenance gantries as do all the others so I guess any maintenance has to be done by crane or helicopter.

I don’t think any of the others stand a chance of going into production on costs alone, in my view all are style over content and most seem to me to be incapable of mass-production, unless you want to risk going bankrupt. If you want a quick idea of what the brief was all about go to my site, it’s all there, easily explained and it is a fascinating brief.

I'm not an architect but a product designer who has worked extensively with Disney, Warners, Hasbro and Mattel character merchandise and I hope it shows. Whatever else they are, Pylosaurs are the only killer pylons in the contest - check them out.

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