February 18, 2011

Greg Lynn on calculus in architecture

Greg Lynn talks about the mathematical roots of architecture -- and how calculus and digital tools allow modern designers to move beyond the traditional building forms useing a church in Queens and a titanium tea set illustrate his thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

There is merit to what Greg Lynn is talking about, but I do have a big problem with the architecture that he used to illustrate his work in this presentation. Architecture is made for people. Not once did he mention how people might inhabit the space or a space's relationship to the body. So called architecture, solely for the purpose of form is not architecture in my opinion; although it may be considered a beautiful work of art. I think the challenge is to use the advanced relationships between architecture and mathematics that he is speaking of in a way to design not only aesthetically pleasing buildings, but experientially pleasing ones as well. What is the use of a building if it is not for human occupation?

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