December 17, 2010

architects gift guide

With one week left for Christmas shopping are you wondering what to get the architect in your life? Or maybe your office has a secret Santa and you are seeking the perfect gift? Look no further. Here is the architechnophilia 2010 round up of the best gifts for the architecturally inclined.

The Marmol Radziner designed rings, bracelets and cuffs for women and men made from scrap strips of bronze 3/16 inch thick.
Price U$70 - $250

a donation to Architecture for Humanity
Price U$25 - $1500

The Architect by Charles Bancroft. A candid, controversial and eyebrow raising perspective of the profession and it's many characters.
Price: $12.50 (ebook)

Archinect Robot tees (black, of course)
Price U$25

LEGO Willis Tower. Sets of our favourite buildings the list includes many iconic buildings of the modern era.
Price: U$20 - $100
DIY messenger bag links such as this one show you can make your own bag out of just about anything using readily available templates online. Cheap, thoughtful and sustainable.
Price: pennies

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