February 22, 2010

blog wunderlust : 22 February 2010

passionate about architecture | structural integrity and people too | containers could help | city in a suitcase | Tafoni floating homes | objectum sexuality | the work of a genius | amazing prefab | greenest neighbourhood | weird apartments and floating houses | the life of an architect | kings kongs of architecture | out of necessity

2nd Latin American Architecture Symposium
The Centre Pompidou-Metz by Shigeru Ban via Archidose

Architecture begins where engineering ends
Walter Gropius


Earthling said...

Wonderlust is right! your blog is JUST as addictive as Facebook (that's a compliment :). Thanks fr the great links...
so... where do you find the time Mr. Ambassador? It takes due dilligence to keep up with yah.

Anonymous said...

Objectum Sexuality?! OMG! they had to scrape me up off the studio floor! noooo, really?
Now I'm scared to like a building too much! whooooooeeee! help! LOLOLOL! pop up!

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