January 21, 2010

on the boards: UN Memorial

And another box... this one by London based architects ACME and their competition entry for a United Nations memorial to be located in South Korea. The memorial proposed a 1,500 seating assembly, two conference halls, a theatre and spaces for exhibitions in a self contained cube that represented in it's form the coming together of nations to make one.

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The Architect said...

I'm not thoroughly convinced of the "coming together of nations" pitch. Although each piece or module of the building appears to have a distinct geometry, from the exterior; none of the spaces seems to clearly articulate a specific relationship to a region or nation. The "play" of shapes in the volume - recessed or protruding - is interesting, but could have been done using simpler rectilinear shapes (which I think would produced a cleaner feel). Then again, the honeycomb shapes lends it self to showcasing the circulation space, which is probably more important. Or maybe I'm misinterpreting the point of the whole project.

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