April 16, 2009

DoCo MoMo | Curacao

What was the social and political impact of the architectural Modern Movement on the island of Curaçao and other neighbouring countries?
This is the central theme of the first regional DoCoMoMo conference to be held in Curaçao in co-operation with the University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA) from 27th to to 29th April 2009. A number of renown architects from the Caribbean region will be presenting cases of the Modern Movement in their respective home countries.

schedule of events

previous Symposium on Caribbean Modernist Architecture

1 comment:

El Espia del Caribe said...

Súper el fondo de la página repleta de concreto, amo la belleza del concreto.
José M. Alvarez de la Campa
Curaçao, A.H.

Super the bottom of the page filled with concrete, I love the beauty of concrete.
José M. Alvarez de la Campa
Curaçao, A.H.

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