January 27, 2009

architectural blogs: a listing from A to Z

Everyone is so keen to rate the best or rest in architectural blogging - here's something a little different but following the trend of the successful A to Z of critical regionalism, architechnophilia proudly presents architectural blogs: a listing from A to Z (added to the side pane)

A - ArchiBlog (a portal to architecture on the web)
B - Belly of an Architect
C - the Contemporist (a blog on contemporary design)
D - design duct
E - Elseplace (a blog by archinect editor, Orhan Ayyüce)
F - Floating Podium (Architectural News floating in the Blogosphere)
G - Grassroots Modern (bringing modern design to the masses)
- Hipercroquis
I - Inhabitat
J - Jetson Green (popular blog about modern green architecture...get it Jetson green)
K - Karrie Jacobs (A blog about cities, buildings, and the spaces in-between)
L - Life Without Buildings (Architecture out of context by architect Jimmy Stamp)
M - Modern (Modern Houses | Modern Architects | Modern Design)
N - Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect
O - Open Form Architecture (practice blog is a both a portfolio and inspiration)
P - Pruned (on landscape architecture and related fields)
Q - Quiet Observations from Archi-Hell (do you really need an explanation for this?)
R - rolu | dsgn (the blog of landscape designers meant more for inspiration than advertisement - it is energetic and enjoyable)
S - Space Invading (an image feed of architecturally-relevant blog posts, created by the fine folks at archinect)
T - Tropolism
U + Um Arquiteto em Brasilia (in Portuguese)
V - Veritas et Venustas (a new urbanist, but I forgive him)
W - the WonderSphere (another archinect regular, Emily Kemper's musings on architecture, sustainability, travel, design and....brunch)
X - find one or start one for inclusion
Y - ykbk (a passionate blog about the act of design through hand drawings)
Z - Zora (a multilingual blog on architecture)

This list is by no means exhausting, nor does it contain the obvious choices (Dezeen, ArchDaily, etc) rather an interesting list that those interested in architecture should take note of.


João Amaro Correia said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! And you actually understood the inference of the name! Too late to change it now.

Anonymous said...

One day, one day my blog, TimberPalace, will bump those bastards at Tropolism out of the T spot.

You are on notice Tropolism.

or maybe I should just change the name to xTimberPalace.

Thanks for the list.

Anonymous said...

Here, all the blogs of architecture and design, all the languages...


Anonymous said...

sorry timberpalace, you are in line behind TreeHugger. Unfortunately I cannot change the name.

archaalto said...

great list! thanks for some intriguing additions to my list of favorites.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at my blog



Anonymous said...

Here's a new architecture blog featured on NOTCOT yesterday...


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I am looking for that kind of list. I am looking for the best designs and inspiration to be able to make my dream house. That list is going to be very helpful to me. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...


Here a french blog :


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