March 14, 2007

On this the 2nd anniversary of architechnophilia I felt it necessary to discuss the notion of starchitects and the trend of building green. Presently only a small percentage of the acclaimed architects are utilising sustainable practices in the design & construction of their buildings; most notably Glenn Murcutt, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Shigeru Ban and more recently Thom Mayne (of Morphosis).

Is this not the reason we have commercial & marketable faces for the architectural profession? Their responsibility to the practice of architecture is to create an avenue for discussion for what we believe is of consequence. The most important issue facing the profession, without debate is sustainability - a broad brush title for environmentally responsible architecture & construction. The more starchitects move toward building green structures, the more likely that a trend will emerge as the next generation mimics, follows and develops the ideas that can become standardised.

So let the green this St Patricks day stand for our committment to sustainable architectural practices.

a few green links

Architectural Record interviews William McDonough

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