February 27, 2007

blue house | blue sea

A sea side cottage in Argentina by architects Darío Antonietti, Ignacio Montaldo, Eugene Ottolenghi; made from prefabricated pods & elements and hoisted into place.


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Anonymous said...

My name is Julia Tourinho, I'm from Brazil (Salvador/Bahia) and I'm a student of Architecture and Urbanism.I have to do a research about the Blue House in Saiki-city/Oita(Japan),of Takao Shiotsuka. I got some pictures and information about it, but what is missing (and it's very important for my work) is a plant, some measures of the building cause I have to construct a model of it. I would be very grateful if you could help me with the plants.My email is juliatns@hotmail.com Thank you.

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