September 2, 2005

Libeskind Interview

"Rachel you, at 16, know more than most of the professional architects in my office." The voice of Northern Kentucky interviews starchitect Daniel Libeskind

via archinect


brandon said...

Wow! another 'racked' cube by liebeskind....what genius! doesn't it look like the museum he's doing in Denver? or is it that other building he did?

Liebeskind is synonimous with a really bad 'one liner'. Its all he has, I think. You know... that one friend tht everybody has that just can't seem to remember any other jokes so they keep telling/builing the only one they know. Architecture needs to be progressing instead of waisting time with such acts of architectural masterbation and ego stroking. Boring!

mad architect said...

Brandon, I agree - Libeskind does come across as a one trick pony but I think he has a few good ones left up his sleave

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