June 5, 2005

Volcanism and Architecture

Mmmm... Architecture and volcanism. Being a sweet jamaican island girl, it's not a concept that i related to until i came to study in Colima, Mexico. They have 2 magnificent volcanos overlooking the city. Volc?n de Fuego y de Nieve... Fire and Snow since one is active and the other dormant. Adventure, danger, beauty, Awe... sounds great for Architecture! Photo source... www.udlap.mx/.../cudi/ eventos/diacudivolcanes/
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mad architect said...

Nice addition Kisha - I dont think I would go anywhere near that building below though

Anonymous said...

You're right D... But i have this burning curiosity to find out exactly were it is... i didn't know about this building until i went looking for pictures online... Thanks for allowing me to contribite to your blog... it's an honour. Talking to you is like going to church... architectural fellowship.

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