June 10, 2005

Lightroom Fellowship

Wow, I wish I could take 3 months off of work to do this. And not just because I want to be in Atlanta either (wink wink)


yamani said...

ummm...that sounds dope but did i read that correctly...$1000 stipend? for 12 weeks??? what is that less than 100 a week...and you work 40 hours? what are you supposed to live and eat on? exciting fresh design alone? =). you'd really like to be in atlanta? aren't you in paradise!?

mad architect said...

Hey I've spent way more money running all over the globe, ending up in dept. So getting a little change at the end of it isn't bad.

But in this cause its a little different. Love has a way of doing that Yamani, I'm sure you would agree. ;)

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