January 14, 2009

House of the Week 005: McKinley Compound

The McKinley residence consists of four distinct two storey structures connected on the upper levels by bridges. Designed by David Hertz Architects/studio of Environmental Architecture (studio EA), the project aimed - despite its 400 sm footprint - to be energy conscious in its construction and use with 70% of its energy coming from a solar array, recycled concrete, and the use passive ventilation throughout the property.

Although in a dense Los Angeles neighbourhood the residence is able to skillfully soften the lines between inside and out without intrusion of the surroundings. The residence was made popular as it served as the primary setting for the dark comedy series Californication.



jordan said...

Is that show any good?

emKem said...

Although I do appreciate the environmental sensibility with which David Hertz conducts his design practice, I have been in this house, and I must place emphasis on the word "compound." This house is probably twice as large as any other on its street, and contains a large amount of space even by suburban standards. I think we would all be surprised by how much energy this house actually uses, and what percentage of that is supplemented by a PV solar array.

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