March 31, 2009

containers 2.0

This week some rather creative uses for containers showed up

as a temporary cinema for short films, meant to be cultural countdown to the winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010 called containR by media artists Springboard.

as an art piece for the folly dock competition made of a folded 40ft cargo container.

March 30, 2009

BIG 8-House

Bjarke Ingels of BIG speaks about the 8-house project in Ørestad, Copenhagen

thanks Sean

Kanopi House

Kanopi House Portland, Jamaica

March 27, 2009

blog wunderlust: 27 March 2009

green islands | green ugly architecture | interactive floor plans | the Florence Institute | Stern comments on Women in Architecture | Lebbeus musings on architectural education | ditch the architect |

and for those interested HafenCity University of Hamburg is offering a new interdisciplinary Master´s degree programme in “Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning

March 26, 2009

on the boards: Wei-Wu-Ying Centre

has recently been awarded first prize in an International Competition for the design of the Wei-Wu-Ying - a 115,000 sq.m, 6,000 capacity Performing Arts Centre to be built on the site of a former military complex in Taiwan. The architect's proposal was inspired by the centuries-old banyan trees on site, with the design seeking to embody the branches and roots of the massive trees. Completion is expected in 2012

more about the practice

March 25, 2009

The sustainable icon

Edgar Gonzalez Michiel van Raaij of Eikongraphia offers a brilliant critical piece about the changing air happening in architecture. Inspired by Le Corbusier's Vers Une Architecture and its call for standardisation and functionalism, Edgar writes that just as Modernism sought to respond to the decadence of the 19th century so too are we to move beyond the economic failures occurring around us.
Architecture [is] more popular than ever before. The services of the architect are in high demand. Ambitious clients still ask for a new Bilbao, more than ten years after the completion of the museum. The architect, as a hip figure, features in commercials on television. [...]Are we about to throw that all away?

Apologies on the misquote...thanks for the correction

House of the Week 015: Eggo house

aerial view of house in context

This a self-contained dwelling unit designed by Czech architects a69 in the garden of an existing family house in Prague. Called the Eggo house the architecture of this project is not defined by the house, rather by the natural space of the original garden of well preserved full-grown trees.

March 24, 2009

art + architecture (part 2)

A media installation entitled "Virtu-Real goes Tokyo" constructed of recycled wood beams and container board reinforced textiles, designed by Swedish-Japanese architecture office Studio Un/Real.

The installation, constructed in a joint collaboration with +TEAM and a group of Japanese architecture students, created new ways to physically interact with the virtual online world of Second Life and its users

art + architecture (part 1)

An installation produced for the exhibition New Architecture at the Monash University Museum of Art back in 2005 - the work was a collaboration between artist/architect Rory Hyde and BKK Architects


March 23, 2009

Short film about Vicente Guallart

thanks Kisha for the link

Michelle Kaufmann interview as part of the Dwell video series

the art of destruction

Art installations set within the damaged houses of New Orleans

March 21, 2009

blog wunderlust: 21 March 2009

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March 20, 2009


The use of concrete blocks are commonly used for doorstops, however at the entry of some mid century modern villa lies a $3500 chunk of cement holding a door open. This concrete doorstop is shaped like an Alvar Aalto Savoy vase - because one was used to cast the shape which was then shattered to let out the mould.

An intriguing albeit wasteful use of an iconic and expensive vase.


thanks Sacha


The next issue of AnOther Man magazine - a leading style and culture magazine for men extensively covers artists and architects and engages in collaborations from the world’s most innovative, inspiring and defining creatives. The feature on architecture includes a look at the archive work of Architecture’s 60s badboys Ant Farm, and Jurgen Mayer H, (J Mayer H Studio) is interviewed about the optimistic, playful spirit of his work.

View the latest issue of Another Man

Festival of Lively Architecture

Announcing the 4th staging of the Festival of Lively Architecture to be held in Montpellier, France on the 18th to 21st June 2009.

The festival offers a walking tour of the city, envisoned as an architecture discovery that opens, often closed to public, 17th century mansions and their intimate courtyards.

The city of Montpellier possesses more than seventy private mansions, providing the escucheon of Montpellier proper characteristics.
The aims of the Festival are two fold, firstly to open these otherwise private mansions to a public audience, and thanks to the interventions of young architects & designers, present a unique dialogue - between contemporary architecture and heritage, conceived specifically for the festival.

March 19, 2009

on the boards: Container Nation

Container Nation is a 200 unit multi-family development in Salt Lake City, Utah to be constructed out of nearly 1000 shipping containers and built on a concrete plinth containing shops and parking.

Presently in concept phase, the architects Group 41 have proposed schemes that take different approaches to the stacking and build-out of the containers.

March 18, 2009

House of the Week 014: house in Curitiba

This house is a 300 sq.m in Curitiba, Brazil by UNA Architects and features a central 2 story volume that can be completely open to the elements. The residence is raised off the ground creating a service layer with the main living spaces and the bedrooms on the ground and first floor respectively.

March 17, 2009


Well it seems that this blog has been added to the lexicon of pop culture (or at least the architectural version)
Maybe I am turning into an architechnophilia.

happy St. Patricks Day

A truly green post for St Paddy's. Combining primitive building techniques with a deep respect for nature, artist Patrick Dougherty experiments with tree saplings as a construction material creating spatial environments that are part landscape - part structure. This Frankenstein approach towards green design has afforded him a growing body of work throughout the world.


March 16, 2009

Rarely has an architect caused as much sensation outside of the architecture community as Rem Koolhaas. [...]his work is as much about ideas as it is about constructing buildings [...] what is essential is [...] to provoke and excite through the wide range of his activities.

Studio Banana Tv ::: Andres Jaque

Studio Banana Tv interviews architect Andrés Jaque

the city is the star

In TOKYO!, three visionary directors come together for an omnibus triptych examining the nature of one unforgettable city as its shaped by the disparate people who live, work (and run amok) inside an enormous, constantly evolving, densely populated Japanese megalopolis.

March 13, 2009

blog wunderlust: 13 March 2009

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March 12, 2009

on the boards: Pedregal Shopping Centre

The Pedregal Shopping Centre in Mexico City, by Pascal Architects is designed to be a beacon in an otherwise domestic area. The project consists of two commercial levels and a roof garden and two underground parking levels over 7,000 sqm. The façade is composed of large irregular perforations cut from zinc plate that is further pierced by boxes of yellow translucent laminated glass.
It seems that Architectural Record is following up on our efforts. Thank you for the mention.

March 11, 2009

redesign Detroit: an ideas competition

Every city has its history and Detroit is no different, but now it’s our turn to “bounce back” and maybe not in the traditional or conventional way, but in a new, unprecedented way that is specific to the one-of-a-kind condition Detroit presents to us. So the solution too, will be one-of-a-kind specific to our Detroit… let’s see what you’ve got…


House of the Week 013: Sculptor House

entry elevation
Alejandro Aravena designed this house & studio for a sculptor in Santiago, Chile. The structure is made primarily from brick echoing the work of the artist, and has expansive views towards the city towards the west.

March 10, 2009

the container post

the standard ISO container or ITU (Intermodal Transport Units) is designed to be loaded and sealed intact onto container ships, railroad cars, planes, or trucks. Although there is no standard dimensions for containers the 40 ft (12 m) container is the most popular container worldwide and is typically 8 ft wide by 8'6 high. There are 18 million containers worldwide (2005) and 26% of them originate from China.

now here's the architecture

as weekend retreat
as housing
as shop/ commercial
as temporary housing
as playground
as museum
as art piece

push button house
Trinity Buoy Wharf
the All Terrain Cabin
container village

and with companies like Global Peace Containers, we can begin to think of them as both man-made and sustainable

additional reference here, here, here

Florence is submerged!

The 7th edition of Rotte Metropolitane, a project promoted by the Cultural Department of the City of Florence. This year is marked by series of initiatives and events that will begin with a conference-debate starting on 12th March.

links require Italian translation

March 9, 2009

Interview with Chilean architect Mathias Klotz, whose early works in the 1990s - box-like, austere buildings - were critical of the mannerisms of Post-modern architecture.

via 0300TV

Spanish with English Subtitles

March 6, 2009

blog wunderlust: 6 March 2009

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March 5, 2009

Frank Gehry article in the LA Times about his accomplished career in light of an uncertain future with the global economy

and then there was one...

In a move reflecting the global nature of the problem, a memorandum of understanding will be signed between the UK Green Building Council, BRE, the US Green Building Council (LEED) and the Green Building Council Australia to standardize the measure of carbon emissions from new buildings.


on the boards: Integrated Resource Centre

Architects Schacht | Aslani have recently published images of their proposal for a 45,000 sq ft Integrated Resource Centre to be located at the North Seattle Community College. The project is targeting LEED Silver certification when complete in 2010, providing office accomodation for staff as well as additional classrooms.

slow start

Many apologies on a few missing posts this week, I just started full-time employment and have been slow going out. I will make up for loss time this weekend with some new additions

cheers mad!

March 4, 2009

House of the Week 012: Ant Farm House

the Ant Farm House in Taipei, designed by architects Xrange gets its name from how it spatially interlocks around an existing stone structure, in some cases creating narrow rooms between the old and new exteriors. The concept is further emphasized on the elevation of the 500 sqm residence, by the fenestration and surface finish.

March 2, 2009

Villa Savoye

Villa Savoye in Poissy, France by architect Le Corbusier - built in 1929.
An early and classic exemplar of the "International Style", which hovers above a grass plane on thin concrete pilotti, with strip windows, and a flat roof with a deck area, ramp, and a few contained touches of curvaceous walls.
- Great Buildings Online

PBS KIDS GO!'s hit TV series Design Squad teamed up with the Intel Foundation to challenge kids across the country to enter the recycle-themed "Trash to Treasure" competition. The winner of the grand prize was a twist on the traditional geodesic dome but largely made from discarded plastic to provide temporary shelter to the homeless.


March 1, 2009

RIP - Sverre Fehn

1924 - 2009, acclaimed architect highly noted for the Norwegian Pavilion at the 1958 World Expo in Brussels and most recently the Norwegian Glacier Museum died of natural causes on the 23rd February. Fehn began his practice in 1954 after a brief stint with Jean Prouvé and became a prominent post-war architect, helping to influence the architecture of Norway. Fehn was honoured with architecture's highest award the Pritzker Prize in 1997.
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