October 14, 2009

house of the week 043: Big Sur

Big Sur is a 2500 sf vacation home in the canyons of northern California. Designed by Anne Fougeron of San Francisco based architects Fougeron Architecture as a discrete object in the landscape the exteriors are finished in stucco, copper and in some cases covered in timber screens.

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Baresh Raymond said...

While I was browsing through the internet looking for some architect and architecture related blogs I suddenly came accross your post. Actually I found it very interesting.I have noticed that in your blog "house of the week 043:Big Sur" you've shown the plan and the picture of the house designed by Anne Fougeron. Very nice. It is highly appreciated.
Keep up the good work.I would appreciate if you take a look at my website and blog.

Kind Regards,
Baresh Raymond
Website: http://www.aarchitect.com
E-Mail:- cuis.interactive@gmail.com

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