March 10, 2009

the container post

the standard ISO container or ITU (Intermodal Transport Units) is designed to be loaded and sealed intact onto container ships, railroad cars, planes, or trucks. Although there is no standard dimensions for containers the 40 ft (12 m) container is the most popular container worldwide and is typically 8 ft wide by 8'6 high. There are 18 million containers worldwide (2005) and 26% of them originate from China.

now here's the architecture

as weekend retreat
as housing
as shop/ commercial
as temporary housing
as playground
as museum
as art piece

push button house
Trinity Buoy Wharf
the All Terrain Cabin
container village

and with companies like Global Peace Containers, we can begin to think of them as both man-made and sustainable

additional reference here, here, here


Cannibal said...

nice post but you missed t a cool one!
The Freitag shop in Zürich:


Miguel said...

A big source of architecture, all about containers you got(just for joke)!!!!and not only. I really like the transformation of containers in space to use by the human being.

Thanks for add my blog(zora), I add your's too. Huts and good luck with this..

Shipping Pro Taylor said...

Nice collection of container architecture here. What can you say about the durability of these containers as housing material?

markus94 said...

i love it!

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