March 25, 2009

The sustainable icon

Edgar Gonzalez Michiel van Raaij of Eikongraphia offers a brilliant critical piece about the changing air happening in architecture. Inspired by Le Corbusier's Vers Une Architecture and its call for standardisation and functionalism, Edgar writes that just as Modernism sought to respond to the decadence of the 19th century so too are we to move beyond the economic failures occurring around us.
Architecture [is] more popular than ever before. The services of the architect are in high demand. Ambitious clients still ask for a new Bilbao, more than ten years after the completion of the museum. The architect, as a hip figure, features in commercials on television. [...]Are we about to throw that all away?

Apologies on the misquote...thanks for the correction


Anonymous said...

Michiel van Raaij is the man behind
Eikongraphia... i think that Edgar Gonzalez doesn´t have any realtion with that post or blog

Michiel said...

Should it not be 'Michiel van Raaij of Eikongraphia'?

Thanks for the link!

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