May 6, 2006

White Noise

White Noise, a 2005 movie stars Michael Keaton, as an architect trying to contact his dead wife.

I was flicking through the channels and saw what looked like a familiar office scene...folks dressed rather distinctly in black and greys, the Leinz folders, rolls of drawings everywhere and CAD/graphics on every computer screen. A little interested I watched a little more, open thread stairs, Modern balustrades usually not favoured by most offices nor most Interior Architects (no offense...just a general observation). Hmm they must be architects...I wonder. The scene flashes outside of the office, looking on and I see the entrance door I can't make out the text but the level of detail on an otherwise simple door gave it all away, "yes they are architects!" And then I recalled that I am addicted. Sad sad architect...aint it great!!


César said...

and you probably wondered (like I did) why did he live in a mcmansion when married since he had such a good taste as a professional.

Camille said...

I saw the movie too and sadly enough I also found myself checking out the office instead of the movie. I thought the home he shared with the wife was really blah and cliche. But I kinda liked the place he got after she died. I especially liked the effect where everything seemed so visible from both the inside and outside.

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