May 3, 2006

Market Square Urban Design Competition

Announcing the Stratford Market Square Design Competition. Professional designers, architects and planners have been invited to prepare urban design proposals for the Market Square site. The objectives of the design competition is to stimulate imaginative architectural and urban design proposals that respond to the Stratford Market Square's context, constraints and opportunities; to achieve design excellence and to improve the downtown core of the City of Stratford.

"The community clearly sees the Market Square as our space – a special place for the people of Stratford... [it] has the potential to become the dynamic heart of the city – a public focal point that invites residents and visitors to enjoy the beauty of City Hall and to linger, interact and attend gatherings in the downtown core"

from Archiseek

1 comment:

Mental Milly said...

Stratford Market Square's looks great. I'm sure you will have many Architects
respond. While this project is outside my expertise I will continue to watch with interest. Good luck

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