February 25, 2013

blog wunderlust: 25th February 2013

The work of design is not to skin stuff. It’s not to put a nice dumb box around whatever is inside. It’s the whole conception. Design should deliver the whole ecosystem.
Yves Béhar (fuseproject)

image (c) Wirdou

Richard Meier celebrates fifty years of architecture | An Eco-Modular Classroom That Helps Kids Learn | Allowing greenfield development would "wreck" London – Richard Rogers | The rebirth of the Eichler | Bahamian Hotels to Go Green | For safer, prettier cities pick a woman to build them | In Photos: Palm Springs Modernism | Cramped photographs of Hong Kong Cubicle Apartments | Fuck Yeah Brutalism

controversy: And the winner is...

last word: Gehry Reggae Museum - No Insult Intended


architect singapore said...

Great Post thanks for sharing.

exterior veneer said...

I am more interested in Fuseproject. where can I know more about it? Yeh you are right, design should deliver the ecosystem.
~ Herman Swan

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